(ANSAmed) – CAIRO, JULY 1 – Thousands of protesters, 10,000 according to some websites, have gathered in Tahrir Square to mark the “Friday of punishment and of martyrs”, a protest organised by young Egyptian revolutionaries and by the 6 April movement to demand trials against those who ordered the violent crackdown during the revolution of January and February and to show support for the families of around 800 “martyrs” killed over the period.

It has been a calm day in Cairo’s central square, after the violent incidents that took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A crowd of protesters gathered outside the Council of Ministers but did not attempt to break police lines, while another march attempted to reach the Interior Ministry, but was stopped by security forces. “The people want the death sentence for the murderer”, protesters cried, in reference to the former Interior Minister, Habib El Adly, while others called on the Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, to “Come to the square”, the very place where he claimed upon taking office that he had received the legitimacy of the people. A number of relatives of young people killed during the anti-Mubarak uprising appeared on stage during the day.

A number of tents, many of them hastily improvised, have been set up in the centre of the square, in an echo of the January 25 revolution, while groups of protesters said that they were intending to spend the night there. (ANSAmed).



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  1. That may or may not have been mildy amusing but it was not a joke.

    The africans on that contintent opted for truth and reconcilliation hearings rather than show trials and revenge for very good reasons.

    But in order for truth to work people must be willing to be honest and accept blame. Two things that are not valued in Arab or Muslim Culture as they connote weakness.

    Reconcilliation needs the desire to forgive and the letting go of anger, resentment and hate. That ain’t gonna happen in an arab society.

    Notice that these democratic peace loving protestors called for trials when they could have chosen to follow the well established precident of the reconcilliation commisions.

    This is bad but completely expected start.

  2. Where and when did those “800 martyrs” die? The press gave the impression this was almost a bloodless pro-democtracy and freedom-loving “revolution”? I am simply heartbroken, to think that members of the news media would distort the truth to push an agenda. Just can’t trust any journalists any more …. hopefully word ewill lead out …. some day.

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