An Open Letter to Pamela Geller

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As most readers already know, earlier today Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs posted a prominent repudiation of the English Defence League, including references to their alleged infiltration by “neo-fascists”.

A group of Counterjihad bloggers and writers has joined together to publish this open letter to Ms. Geller. Most of us are Europeans, but not all — we also have signatories from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

If you are a blogger or a writer and want to add your signature to this letter, please send your name and URL to me (unspiek [at] chromatism [dot] net), or to the proprietors of other sites where it has been posted.

Dear Ms. Geller,

We the undersigned are writing to register our astonishment and dismay at your public denunciation of the English Defence League, and in particular your reference to the “neo-fascists that had infiltrated the administration of the group”.

This is a grossly inaccurate and unfair slander against the leaders and membership of the EDL, who have never wavered in their refusal to include neo-Nazis, fascists, or adherents of any other ideology that seeks to divide people based on their ethnicity. The core mission of the EDL has always been, and remains, to stop the encroachment of sharia and Islamic fascism.

For the past two years the English Defence League has been on the front lines of the resistance to sharia and militant Islam in England. Its leaders have put their own lives in danger by doing so. They live under constant threat, not just from murderous Muslim zealots, but from their own government, which has harassed and arrested them repeatedly. Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL, has been arrested multiple times, and is currently facing trumped-up charges designed to put him and the EDL out of action.

To paraphrase Geert Wilders: “I was dragged to court by leftist and Islamic organizations that were bent not only on silencing me but on stifling public debate.” The EDL is being dragged into a kangaroo court of uninformed public opinion. The more people’s fears can be raised, the more quickly debate can be smothered.

In the final analysis, as Geert Wilders points out, the strength of our community depends on the freedom we feel to “enter our convictions in the open lists to win or lose”.

All communities inevitably experience conflicts based on differences of opinion. It is crucial that we approach one another’s efforts in good faith, presume the other’s efforts to be well-meaning until conclusively proven otherwise, support initiatives made by others that further our common cause, and refuse to be dragged into parsing ever more finely our differences.

Our ideal of the “perfect” can kill any merely “good enough” effort.

Your unfortunate statements were picked up and repeated by other websites and blogs, some of them quite prominent and well-respected. This has done harm to our common cause, and has driven a completely needless wedge between the American and European wings of the international Counterjihad.

To help heal the damage that has been done, we insist that you apologize in a public forum to the English Defence League.

Its leaders and members are heroes, and their organization is widely considered a beacon of hope in Europe. All Europeans who resist the Islamization of their countries look to the EDL for inspiration, and all of them stand in solidarity with it in its struggle.

We strongly request that you reconsider your deplorable words and withdraw them.

Sincerely yours,

I just have to post a video of who I think is a great contemporary mind speaking on the EDL. Douglass Murray


    Thanks to a commenter on Gates of Vienna, escape velocity, for providing the link.

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21 Replies to “An Open Letter to Pamela Geller”

  1. EDL just came out with a statement in relation to what Pamela said. I can’t see her apologizing. Would any of you???????
    She has some concerns and it looks like EDL agrees, so whatever they are hopefully they get them sorted.

  2. Support the EDL as it is the only dog we have in the fight. Simple as that. It may have its faults but no one is entirely pure.

    The EDL is straightforward in its defence of the UK against Islamisation. Thats it.

  3. At the moment the EDL is all we have in the UK very sad to lose Ms Gellers support as she adds a trans-national aspect to Europe`s anti-jihad movement. We all seek the same goal but unfortunately we sometimes cannot travel together. But she is a hero to everyone concerned with anti-jihad.Never underestimate the leftists/communists in the UK who are in every sphere of public life including civil service/ government and the judiciary. These people will do ANYTHING to perpetuate their ideology.And unfortunately they control the media,education the unions and influence all three main political parties. They have almost destroyed the BNP who have been split by massive internal problems.The EDL is the last voice of dissent, and the leftists are now turning their attention to toward them.Expect many false flags and half truths in the coming Battle of Britain.

  4. Dear Vlad,

    I love the EDL. I stood with them on 9/11/10 at rally against the mosque at Ground Zero. That was Pamela’s rally…Geert Wilders spoke there. The EDL stood with me, they with their English flags, and me, with my Israeli flag..They spent their own money to come and support AMERICA!!!

    I sent you an email. I would like to sign the letter To SUPPORT the EDL.

    thank you.

  5. The EDL is the only grassroots movement in the West that is against the destruction of Western civilisation. It is the only one that has the courage to go out on the streets, even into Muslim areas, and face the hostility and violence of Muslims, Left wing extremists, the police and the media. There is nothing like it in the West. The rest of the West is now setting up organisations such as the EDL.

    The EDL is way above and beyond the likes single bloggers such as Geller and Spencer, or for that matter any blogs. The EDL does not even need to apologise or explain itself. Its very being and what it does, is more then enough. It does not even need to have an apology from Spencer or Geller, as it is far bigger, stronger, and motivated enough to go step on to the real battlefield, rather then merely bemoan the Islamisation of the West – they are real soldiers, who get bloodied and injured, rather then armchair commentators on the passing scene.

    My hat off to the EDL. Support it, as your life, and the lives of your descendants, depends on it.

  6. For the record, the use of my signature and that of EuropeNews in the letter above is unauthorized. It is being used here without giving me or other members of the EuropeNews editorial board a chance to review the contents or give approval.

    I would like myself and EuropeNews removed from the list. Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you uzbek

    I feel that the EDL are like those few in the Battle of Britain in 1939, that saved civilisation.

  8. I am very disappointed in you eeyore.
    Pamela Geller has done more for EDL in two short years than bloggers like you and the Gatesof Vienna could have done for them even if you had tried your very best for the good part of a couple of decades.
    Even when the leader of the EDL comes out and admits that there are problems within the EDL ….. why did you choose to be blind to that statement and lash out at Pam? Isn’t it better to identify that there is a problem within the EDL while it is in it’s infancy, rather than wait for time to go by?
    Your action on this issue will be a disappointment to many of your readers.

  9. I am dismayed to see so many ganging-up on Pamela Geller, who has surely done more for the anti-jihadists than anyone since Orianna Fallaci. I’ve read Ms. Geller’s responses to developments in the English Defense League and conclude that she has nothing whatsoever for which to apologize. She rightly understands that racism or neo-fascism that can be tied to the anti-Jihad movement will only give powerful ammunition to its opponents, of which there are many. She didn’t say one negative thing about the EDL in either of her posts. In fact she praised it and pointed out that she has been perhaps its staunchest, most high-profile defender, certainly in the U.S. What she rightly criticized were those elements attempting to hijack the EDL for its own purposes. The anti-jihad movement must be inclusive and open to all who believe in its core principle, the defense of Western ideals against the totalitarianism of political Islam. Ms. Geller understands this and is merely stating what should be obvious. Frankly, she is the one who is owed the apology.

  10. It appears Ms. Gellar has failed to provide any information regarding the neo-fascist element she claims has infiltrated the EDL or their specific actions which have led her to withdraw her support of the group. She did however choose to name Ms. Moore, but again failing to disclose the reasons of her departure.

    ” Perhaps the decentralization of the group or the loose grip Tommy Robinson held on its tether is responsible for this terrible shift in the EDL’s direction—-I don’t know”.

    I don’t know?

    If one hopes to persuade people to abandon support for one highly recognized and successful organization in favour of joining another group in the works, it only stands to reason that those concerned be provided objectively with facts and details, not a personal summation of what Ms. Gellar “thinks may have happened”. Satisfying personal queries with public non-answers does not make a case- at least not a convincing one.

  11. What Geller and Spencer have to realise is that the EDL is not a one person band such as that of Geller and Spencer. It is a grassroots organisation based on English working class patriots. There are unsavoury people in any organisation. Can the Democratic or Republican party in the US guarantee that are no racists or anti-semites or anti-Christian or homophobic etc groups in their midst? Can any people’s movement do it? Of course they cant. But neither parties encourage in word or deed, any acts that may bring them to such a pass. So it is with the EDL as well. That is what Tommy Robinson wrote in his letter.

    In addition, neither Geller and Spencer have to deal with hate filled Muslim mobs, police brutality, a hostile media, and even legal sanction. Tommy Robinson has a huge task at hand dealing with all the above. I just hope that he has the inner strength to stand up to all this, for it is too much for one person. Then to be attacked in this fashion by supposed friends, when the matter could have been dealt privately, is a bit much.

    The EDL, first and foremost, stands in defence of the UK, and the West as a whole -that is its prime goal. It success, is due in large measure because of the courage of its members who have not just taken to the streets but gone into hostile territory, amazingly in England itself.

  12. This is to let you know that, as the primary admin for 1389 Blog (, I have added it to the list of signers and have re-posted the letter on our blog.

    Zenster, who also writes at 1389 Blog, had already signed the letter with his own name.

    Many names have been added since you published this.

    I stand with the EDL, the Baron, and Dymphna.

  13. 1389AD

    I do not think that Geller has the capacity to apologise, as her ego and vanity will get in the way.

    Tommy Robinson is a straightup guy. He is quite literally on the frontlines, where he and his soldiers can get bloodied, while Geller and Spencer are mere commentators, just as the rest of the blogs. Despite their good work, they will never be able to stop the islamisation of the West, as Geller and Spencer are against the Jihad but quite happy with Muslim immigration into the West. As such, there opposition line camouflages the eventual conquest of the West.

    Islam is a deadly enemy, and has to be opposed by active in your face opposition and eventually force- ask Charles Martell, Jan Sobieski, Vallette.

    PS: The Islamisation of England, and the West as a whole, is merely a symptom of an inner corruption. The EDL, though they don’t know it at the moment, will have to tackle the real disease. It is this realisation by the political elite, the MSM, and their orthodoxy, that eventually the EDL will come for them, that has led to unjustified draconian measures against it.

  14. DP111,

    1389 Blog (and its team members) are willing to push the envelope when it comes to rolling back the jihad. We stand against Muslim immigration to non-Muslim countries.

    While, as a rule, I do not identify my online persona as 1389AD to people I meet in real life, my message is always the same. I communicate my concerns about Islamic expansionism, face to face and in no uncertain terms, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Other people I know have begun to do the same. Yes, it will take awhile, but these networking efforts will eventually bear fruit.

  15. 1389AD wrote: While, as a rule, I do not identify my online persona as 1389AD to people I meet in real life, my message is always the same. I communicate my concerns about Islamic expansionism, face to face and in no uncertain terms, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    Been doing that for a long while, since the Rushdie affair, in church groups and other venues. But what EDL is doing is something is diiferent by a long way. It is taking the fight to where it should be. The authorities know that they have a fight on their hands and it is why they are taking actions against the EDL. I’m fairly sure that the EDL has been infiltrated by security services.

  16. I think the EDL is basically sound and of course it may have been infiltrated which is a good reason for them to do some cleaning work. Pam is on the side of the counterjihad so it is up to her to make sure that the tough job of speaking the truth as she sees does not get in the way of the fight against islamic evil.

  17. On the broader question of infiltration I think the EDL should see how the infiltrators operate. Mark Kennedy is a person who infiltrated the Animal rights and Environmentalist in the UK for years. Though not an environmenatalist (all leftie useful idiot types) I am an animal activist and that is as far as it goes. Leftie claptrap does not interest me and we do have these lefties trying to steer us towards the palasitinians etc even up the great Steve Best a proff from the States who was banned from coming to Britain. I actually was recently going to see him but could not due to the ban which left him stranded at an airport unable to board a flight to the UK. Anyway this guy is a leftie (we think he is idiot for that) but his main goal is animal rights and so that is his main focus. So with the leftie thing they will always infiltrate but with the animal rights we have got that covered as we do not care about humans! We remain focused on animals. That cuts out the leftie claptrap at its source. A rough tactic but it works. The EDL of course can not apply this tactic so there main idea must be to make sure that a code of conduct which clearly bans leftie racist and righty racists from entering the EDL. Though the Mark Kennedy types will try another tactic. They will fit right in and tell the police every move you make. Watch out for that as well but that is harder. Watch out for guys who are vague about what they do and always are up for a demo and have lots of money and transport laid on for everyone and then secretly go and tell the police. Watch out for guys who are gone for periods of time and can not really account for their time and are back now with cash, transport and time on their hands and are ready for everything. ID checks might be a way forward for guys who fit this MO but only when there is other evidence to back up the worries about such perfect protestors. Real activists are never so perfect. We have jobs and bills and scant time on our hands. We are too busy and often make excuses but do what we can. The perfect MO of such infiltrators is a way to identify them.

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