Robert Kennedy Jr. “The Whole World Knows Geert Wilders is a Racist”

Here is a staggeringly good example of the politically correct left’s destruction of important and meaningful concepts and words. Racist of course already nearly means nothing thanks to the left’s forcing people to accept the notion that a group no matter how it is defined, whether it is by voluntary belief such as religion or sexual preference like homosexuality, is tantamount to race and any criticism of behaviors that may define these groups is consequently racist. Notice how Kennedy Jr. avoids answering any question on why Mr. Wilders is a racist, he simply insists that he is and that everyone knows he is. The usual dodge of the left.


‘ I don’t need to back up my name calling cause everyone (except everyone who doesn’t agree but they don’t count cause they are also racists) knows that its true.’


History will show that Geert Wilders did more for Gay rights, minority rights, intercultural tolerance and preservation of Western values than any other politician of this time while Kennedy and his ilk happily threw those who Islam oppresses ‘under the bus’ merely to attempt to preserve the populist narrative.

Eeyore for Vlad with thanks to KitmanTV for the clip of R. K.

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10 Replies to “Robert Kennedy Jr. “The Whole World Knows Geert Wilders is a Racist””

  1. What a stupid, stupid man. His own father was killed by a Pan-Arabist dhimmi Christian and he dismisses Geert as a racist. The Holy Quran killed your dad you dumb f*&k!

  2. Pretty, damn fresh to visit a country and call a leading parlamentarian “a racist”. Whats is he himself ? A drunk (according to later articles about him)

  3. Anyone who says “the whole world knows” something, in fact knows full well the whole world does NOT know that thing. Rather they are trying to trick people people into thinking the whole world thinks it. It is a bog standard propoganda tactic commited via statments or attitude.

    Had he said “I think” rather than “the whole world thinks” then I might believe it was an honest opinion.

    Someone payed or influenced this man to say that.

  4. He is a Kennedy, they are raised to think of themselves as special and smarter then anyone else, they are also a family that drinks heavily and who thinks sex was invented for them.

    Having said that once you have said he is a Kennedy you don’t need to call him stupid or a drunk, that is being redundant.

  5. Hank here is something for you, when JFK was killed the Kennedy family was worth about $250 million, the last I heard they are now worth less then $100 million and dropping fast. The are all getting paid big bucks by the trust fund (and it buys them out of trouble) and as far as I know only JFK Jr. put money back into the trust fund. The way things are going the Kennedys will be broke in the next few decades.

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