‘Suspicious vehicle’ closes roads near Pentagon

From Politico

An aerial view of the Pentagon building in Washington. | Reuters Photo
Boundary Channel Drive is the lone road into the Pentagon that remains open. | ReutersClose

By REID J. EPSTEIN | 6/17/11 7:27 AM EDT Updated: 6/17/11 9:00 AM EDT

U.S. Park Police arrested a man lurking suspiciously overnight in Arlington National Cemetery and closed several major roads near the Pentagon Friday morning.

According to WRC-TV, an explosive device was found in the man’s vehicle parked near the Pentagon, though a Park Police spokesman said he could not confirm that. According to WJLA, the man may have had ammonium nitrate on him when arrested.

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  1. I have been expecting another fairly large attack in the US since Obama took office, just as I have been expecting an American version of the Reichstag fire, thankfully this isn’t either one.

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