Ontario HRC reaches predictable heights

A few years ago, I decided to stop telling jokes of what I have come to call, ‘logical extremes’. What I mean is, someone tells you something absurd or counter intuitive and you answer with, “Wow next thing you know, you will have to hire a dead guy at your gym or be charged with discrimination against the metabolically challenged’. The reason I decided to stop telling them was because I had this awful albeit superstitious feeling that every-time I told one, I was handing some supercilious bureaucrat another data point on how to destroy liberty and control every thought we have.

Then I saw this:

Thanks Blazing, for religiously posting Ezra’s excellent clips. I may have to get cable again soon just for these.

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2 Replies to “Ontario HRC reaches predictable heights”

  1. Yes, the cable is worth it just for Ezra.
    Discrimination continues regardless of the ridiculous rulings, the quiet insidious type, rather than being open and up front. To the point of being totally insane as in the guy who applies for the job counselling at the womens rape center, that kind of ridiculous nonsense.
    When I put about 7 ads’ on the internet last fall for my son to rent a suite in his basement, I was told by him not to specify anything, so I just placed a generic ad, and he told me what he was looking for, (a great looking sexy woman, around 33 with no baggage,) then when people came or phoned, I screened. but seriously, all the race, gender, value, cultural, social level, educational level and all other types of discrimination goes on anyway, so what is her pathetic attempt to control people really doing? Instead of making things transparent and open, she forces society to move backward. After seeing a photo of her on Ezras show, I think she may have been deprived of deep intimacy in her life and that may be what drives her to focus on and try to curtail the persepective intimate details of individuals living situations.

  2. HRCs and other leftist lunacys that are suppose to prevent discrimination are never going to work, in fact I think they were designed to give the bureaucrats power over us. Loss of liberty and national slavery are almost never imposed over night, they creep in by people saying they are going to set up a few regulations to protect everyone one from discrimination.

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