Senate committee speaks on Palestinian TV propaganda

It appears as if some in the US government has noticed what most of us have known for years now. The Muslims, and perhaps in particular the Palestinians, have been propagandizing their children with hatred and desire to kill and find death as a noble aspect of lethal antisemitism.

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  1. This is really tragic, isn’t it? How many years is it did it take for them to figure out that the Pali’s were making bad films? Gee, next their going to find out that some of the passages in the Quran really do tell Muslims to kill Infidels.
    They are so far behind the enemy they don’t realize they are being lapped by them. Honestly, if Hillary and friends are just figuring this out now, they are truly as dumb-ass stupid as they like to think Sarah Palin is. They are beneath even a beginner’s understanding of the Middle East. That’s terrifying to me: that the top leaders appear to have no knowledge whatsoever of the crisis at hand. And if anyone of their aides shows the least sign of knowing anything, they are immediately fired by these bozos. They are aggressively ignorant in their own fields.

  2. Yes, and how exactly do we deal with this same problem here in Canada? There are now special schools in every city, where religious classes are carried out after hours so they can maintain public funding, and many religious classes go on in the mosques, where the texts do not need approval and where the interpretation of the koran is dependant upon the degree of psychosis of the imams teaching. How can this be monitored? I have already inquired with our provincial educators and there is no way, unless spys actually get hold of hate material that is being used to instruct ‘Canadian’ children. Who will monitor what or how these imams teach.
    It is not the same as good ol Sunday School, or the Jewish schools, or evangelical christian schools, because as we all know, the ideas and values being taught in mosques and islamic schools after hours, even by their very nature, all the girls wearing hijabs, separation of genders, continuing degradation of females, hatred of jews, and allocation of non-believers to status of dogs, these are not ideas compatible with Canadian values, way of life, or rule of law.

  3. via WSF
    Another investigation by The Walid Shoebat Foundation : We have been gleaning of the Arabic Media and we have now exposed Anthony Weiner’s wife troubling connections to the Muslim Brotherhood along with other “advisors;” no wonder why the USA is accepting of the Muslim Botherhood as a body we can do business as we have Muslim Botherhood operatives advising our key leaders in all areas of counter terror and foreign policy.

    Anyone who has an ounce of common sense and has reviewed the evidence who and what the Muslim Botherhood is, can only come to one conclusion and that it is they wish Islam to take over the world and make the USA and the whole world Sharia compliant under one Caliphate. Al Qaeda scares you with terror, the Muslim brotherhood uses our own political system to destroy us. Wake up!

    Review our research and make up your own mind:

  4. it is we, the free voting people of free democracies, or even constitutional republics, who have put enablers and empowerers of islam in ruling positions; it is up to us to to remove them from power. are there are enough of us to remove from power those who sell out our freedoms?…democracy is a wonderful thing , but its existence is not even a drop in time.and democracy has one terrifying weakness…it can be destroyed by its own ideology…

  5. We nonbelievers feel suppressed, controlled and even have to censor our own speech out of fear when we live in their asian multifaith countries or middle eastern countries but those moslems and other nonmoslems nonwhites misused and abused the freedom given to them in the west which is almost nonexistent(in the real sense) in their own predominantly nonwhite countries of origin. Freedom and democracy should be protected and should not be misused by certain groups to further their unpleasant totalitarian ideology.

  6. I think the old school of leaders like Hilary are too old to learn. There are new leaders both in the States and Europe who will be the future on this issue of brown man islamic supremacy.

  7. Given what many of our politicians are like we are lucky they are noticing this, they are usually blinder then this.

    I don’t know if Hillary is too old to learn or if she is so committed a leftist that she is willing to risk destruction to be able to use the Moslems against the US. I am leaning towards the latter.

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