Video from the homosexual, anti-Israel rally.

It isn’t that these people should be ashamed, they most certainly should be, but it is that their particular brand of stupidity and sanctimony will get many of their fellow gay people slaughtered and move gay rights backwards by a hundred years.

The person kind enough to send me their video of this event, sent me more info on it just now:

“It took place June 11, Saturday, in Edmonton, organized by Pride Edmonton, who told me this group did not apply to march
The Edmonton Pride is funded by amoung many, the largest TD bank, Federal Government Heritage Fund, City of Edmonton etc”

Thank you Morticia for the raw footage.

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  1. Eeyore you have that right, all they are doing is hurting their quest to be considered normal, they refuse to believe that people consider these actions stupid.

  2. Iran executes 4,000 gays but Israel is the problem. I suggest these folks take their Kaffiyeh’s to the Middle East and join their fellow martyrs. It will be so much more convenient for the Islamofascist homophobes to string them up.

  3. Do they have an explanation as to why there is a very significant “gay palestinian” presence in Tel Aviv. They have fled Palestinian controlled areas for fear of death. I’d really like to see these people debated by someone who knows the real story.

  4. Paula:

    To the best of my knowledge they mean that because apartheid is bad, and they have associated Israel with it, that Israel is also bad cause both words are together. Now when you talk to people who were victims of the actual South African apartheid, they are quite upset by the use of the term much as Jews are when PETA uses the term ‘Holocaust’ to denote a steak and ribs dinner. So this would be the ‘Devil’s Dictionary’ definition of the term. Hope it helps.


  5. Ya, the whole concept is an oximornic one, I think it means also, that the palestinians are analogous to the blacks in SouthAfrica, and then worse, the Israelis are a parallel for the South African regime. This association is hateful and nothing can be compared to the institutionalized apartheid system of SA. A good friend of mine grew up in it as an well educated black, and comparing it to Israel is criminal.

  6. Why are they not anti-islamic apartheid policy?
    While I don’t know about israel apartheid policy, I do know that islamic apartheid policy is much worse(whenever those islamics attempt to display their ugly true nasty colours) than south african apartheid policy.

  7. WLIL the protests are to support the latest left wing victim not to correct any wrong, the people doing the protesting probably couldn’t find Israel or Palestine on a map much less tell you what is happening in Israel or Gaza.

  8. Gay reader of Vladtepes checking in here to say that these people are pathetic and do not represent the views of most gays. Their protest had more signs than people and they were forced to draft a dog and a toddler to boost their puny number. And this is in liberal Canada.

    Although gay Americans (I can’t speak for Canadians) are somewhat disengaged from international affairs (as are Americans generally), those who are engaged in world affairs understand all too well that the Muslim world is a lethal place for gays. Those pics from Iran got a lot of attention in the gay press. Also, anti-gay death squads in Shiite areas of Iraq and mass arrests in Egypt got a lot of coverage and resulted in a series of actions by gay and human rights organizations in the US.
    At the same time, many gays are aware that Israel treats its gay citizens fairly, allowing them to serve on a full and equal basis in the IDF and recognizing gay civil unions some years ago. Compared to any of its neighbors, Israel is 5 centuries ahead.

    To put it bluntly, these morons support people who would gladly slit their throats b/c those people have brown skin and are poor. It is a kind of religion with these people that to be good, you must always side with black/brown over white and poor over rich or middle class. The dog in this vid isn’t the only one who exhibits a Pavlovian response.

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