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2 Replies to “Lars Hedigaard on Free Speech.”

  1. Without free speech you have no other freedom, once the government has the right to limit your speech they have the right to limit your thoughts because if you can’t speak certain thoughts you will end up not thinking them. This is why the censors of pre WWII Japan were called thought control police, once again we are being told that we can’t speak even think certain things because this might upset some group. Welcome to the past, we have to fight hard to ensure that this form of tyranny remains in the past and not in our future.

  2. @ around the 6:30 mark, Lars makes the conclusive statement:
    “A society that regulates speech, is a society that is unable to solve it’s problems.”
    Precisely so. Islam presents itself as the remedy for such an ill society, so it makes perfect sense that tolerating and then conforming to Islamic standards prepares the battleground for Islamic hegemony.
    Lan Astaslem. Islam delende est.

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