Turkey’s Last Free Election

by Daniel Pipes
June 12, 2011

As someone who has been sounding the alarm ever since the AKP won its first election in 2002, I now warn: Elections taking place today are likely to be the last fair and free ones in Turkey.

With Turkey’s leading Islamist party controlling all three branches of the government and the military sidelined, little will stop it from changing the rules to keep power into the indefinite future. And should the AKP manage to gain a 2/3s parliamentary majority, either on its own or in alliance with others, it will change the constitution, speeding up this process. (June 12, 2011)

Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, AKP boss and Turkish prime minister, votes today.

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4 Replies to “Turkey’s Last Free Election”

  1. The AKP and its leaders are moving to try and rebuild the Turkish Empire as the leader of the new Caliphate, I wish the useful idiots in the West would wake up and see what is going on in the Middle East. But no they won’t, they will scream that we don’t really want democracy since we don’t respect the results of the votes in the Middle East, votes that are putting the enemies of all freedom and civilization in power.

  2. In a way I am glad they are so successful in their islamofascist program. I mean the quicker it gets up to steam the better. Why? When the streets are paved with rage boys burning flags it will dry up the tourist industry, a mainstay of the economy which means more islamofriendly policies which spooks people even more which means that even the sleepy head politicians start to wake up after reading about some atrocity in the papers and wow they say we can not have this group in the the EU. Job done. Let them go the way of iran and forever be banned from the western civilised world they want to remake in their brown fuzzie faced muzzie image.

  3. The Islamists won a land slide, less then the 2/3rds necessary to write the new constitution on their own but enough to dominate the writing.

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