Edmonton gay pride more about Jew hate

Amazing. The left and especially gays really should know better. Fortunately some high profile gay people do stand up against this nonsense but it is much harder to be a loud voice of reason than merely hurling nonsense and hope some sticks.

DM, who sent me these pictures, had this to say about it:

I have emails from the committee saying they had not applied to march, basically that covers them,

Next year if the KKK and various other groups just enter and march, I wonder if they will be stopped?

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19 Replies to “Edmonton gay pride more about Jew hate”

  1. That ugly skank should be carrying a sign that syas “Queers Against Orthodontists”. Do you think her teeth are so shitty looking because she boycotted orthodontists since so many of them are Jews?

  2. Never before have so many been so cringeworthily ignorant about so much readily-available information.

    Makes me ashamed to share a country with these cretins.

  3. This is so shameful. They had a gaypride in Israel a while back ago, how very apartheid. Try to do that under Hamas and the PA, good luck with that.

  4. Almost all of the people in this oppressed people against other oppressed people club are women. What is it about lesbians and resentment of Israel?

    It can’t possibly be about hummus could it?

    Could it?

  5. Seriously, I was in an indeptendent artists crafts shop yesterday. There was ugly jewlry, 2 porky lesbians and one was even eating hummus. It was a steriotype trifecta.

  6. I know why it’s always lesbians that join these kappo clubs. Lesbians aren’t humiliated as children, teens and adults like gay men are. They are not descriminated against and don’t face violence or as much condemnation. They may say they have or even think they have but for the most part they haven’t.

    Especially this new generation of lesbians who have reaped the benifits of both female civil rights and homosexual civil rights (fought by other people I might add). They have had it too easy, plain and simple. Not that they should have suffered- it just didn’t give them empathy.

    They may think they care about oppression but they have never ever experienced it to the degree visibly gay men have and so have not developed a real empathy for people who have really suffered oppression or are really under threat from bullies.

    Also the hummus crack was more true then first I thought. Lezbos in general prize anything ethnic. Arabs are more ethnic than jews so they are more deserving. The math is as ugly and stupid as it is simple.

    These bitches should be sentanced to walk down the streets of Gaza City holding hands with each other. After all, as all the homosexuals arabs jail, whip and kill doesn’t seem to bother them they must be fine with getting the same treatment themselves as long as it’s arabs doing it and not evil oppressive jews.

    Oh wait, that argument is unfair. Because Israel grants asylum to arab homosexuals fleeing from arab countries.

  7. Maybe someone should tell these bitches exactly why Hamas threw the Fatah soldiers off roofs a few years back. That’s the religiously mandated execution for homosexuals. They were adding insult to injury by killing them the way these women are supposed to be killed in islam.

  8. My father in law has an interesting story that really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    He was Chinese nationalist that spoke Japanese and living in Manchuria at the beginning of WWII. When the Japanese arrived his uncle spoke fluent Japanese the Japanese treaded their family with some respect and sent them to Japan for the duration of the war not as prisoners.

    Remember in Manchuria the Chinese were dieing like flies by the Japanese yet my father in law to this day has a great deal of respect for the Japanese. Even know many people he knew as a child he never seen again.

    My point is without directly experiencing the hardships your perspectives are different. It is something I still don’t fully understand.

  9. OxAO It sounds like there is a lot more to your father in laws story. It sounds like it would make an excelent book or even a comic. I have read many excelent non fiction comics about peoples stories from that time.

    People from that time are passing away and you should get him to talk and write down his experiences.

    As to why it doesn’t make more sense to you, that could be an important framing aspect of such a story as well.

  10. It would make an interesting pov as a westerner hearing about the japanese side of the war from a chinese expatriate living there during the war who was himself an outsider. Really the story is too unique for you not to think of preserving it.

    I knew a POW who was at Nagasaki AND Hiroshima and survived. And I bitterly regret not recording his account for posterity.

  11. None of the people marching in those photos appear able to deal with an enraged group of muslims, or even a single one. They are sheltered people who would be eaten alive by Hamas, Hezballah, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Israel is one of their best friends…’cause Israel would not kill them just for being homosexual. And I do mean “kill”, as in, take your one and only life.

  12. The gay movement has become infested with hate and intolerance under the guise of free speech. They are so ignorant and oblivious – maybe a weekend in Syria, Gaza, or Yemen to parade as gays would solve everything.

  13. When homosexuals used the word “gay” to describe themselves, I felt that they had corrupted a word that means to be happy and carefree. These lesbians though are calling themselves “Queers”, and from the lexicon pov, I have no quarrel with them.

    queer: has generally meant “strange”, “unusual”, or “out of alignment”. It might refer to something suspicious or “not quite right”, or to a person with mild derangement or who exhibits socially inappropriate behaviour.

  14. These lesbians dont have to go to Muslim majority countries. They can fly to East London to experience the same.


    You really need to write about your father in law’s experience. This is necessary before that generation vanishes. It is also necessary, as much of the propaganda used by the West in war time needs to be re-visited.

  15. Hey, there were just as many guys in this hatefest group as there were women.
    Why were they allowed to march?
    In Toronto they have been banned from all public school property
    Also, they backed out of Pride, because the city withdrew it’s funding to Pride until they did, That took balls….
    Obviously in Edmonton they are cowardly and weak, appeasing hate until it is too late

  16. Yes it is a very interesting story. He is not a talkative person and he speaks very poor English and my wife don’t and the other people in the family just doesn’t seem to understand why it is an unusual story (they grew up with it.) It is very hard to get information out of him and he was young at the time to.

    In other news that should be posted:
    105,000 Christians martyred yearly, says European official

  17. We are having success in Toronto raising awareness of the role of corporate funders and enablers of political hatred in Toronto. Our first target is the TD Bank, the largest corporate funder of the Toronto Parade. Withdrawing funds, writing letters and e-mails, protesting at head office and select TD Branches, flyer circulation, cancelling business and investment accounts, etc. “Israel Apartheid” had its initial start here in Toronto; we aim to end IA’s preying upon sports events, gay pride parades, film festivals and other weakly managed public programs.


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