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3 Replies to “Sea Hitler meets Gilligans Isle.”

  1. This video is a hoot.

    When I talk to lefty mush heads about this sort of stuff I often say that not all activists are like the viet nam activists. Just because a cause is using activists and protests doesn’t mean its automatically just. Before hitler invaded countries he would send “activists” who would stage protests and marches claiming the german minority was being oppressed in order to give him an excuse to invade.

    The reason their eyes always pop out of their heads when I tell them this is because we have a subconcious assumption that a protestor is a 60’s byronesque heroic figure who is against all cruelty and oppression. The mere act of protesting makes it look as though the cause is just. It makes us assume the subject in question is really oppressed. It makes us assume whoever is being protested against is really a cruel oppressor.

    Thats why I always tell them that Hitler used activists and protest marches too, to make that subconcious assumption concious.

  2. In the Sixties most of the protests were in support of regimes that were busy butchering anyone who opposed them, this is a fact that isn’t taught in the schools since it would make the protesters look bad. In fact in the 60s most people thought the protesters were troublemakers who should be arrested.

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