Phelim McAleer Takes on another fake environmentalist

I really like this guy. If you want to meet someone who actually cares about the environment and the people in it as well, watch everything you can of Phelim McAleer. I shot an interview with him at the first annual Free Thinking Film Festival in Ottawa last year and he was great. Youtube killed the channel but I will try and repost it here when I can find it.

Below, if I can get his embed code to work, is a short clip where he busts another anti-corporate moron who uses fake environmental data to try and destroy the energy industry and put development and civilization backwards. If I can’t, click here and see the clip on his page.

Below, the question and answer session with Phelim after a showing of his film, ‘Mine Your Own Business’

Q&A with Phelim McAleer producer director from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

And below here, the interview I shot with him last year. Its really great to see him still showing the raw courage as well as self sacrifice it takes to take on these guys. There is no money in defending the facts and the truth. These ‘crypto-enviornmentalists’ however make a ton of government grants and private money from leftist groups for making up stuff about corporations not to mention how much harm they do to all of us and the cost they add through needless environmental checks. For residents of Ottawa, remember the $100,000.00 environmental impact study the city did before they could build a little footpath … over the canal … right in the middle of downtown?

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  1. The enviro movement is out to destroy Western Civilization, and the useful idiots are working overtime to help them.

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