Doctor’s jealous wife made hoax bomb call to Heathrow claiming his mistress was taking explosives onto a plane

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Last updated at 10:53 AM on 6th June 2011

A jealous wife told police her husband’s mistress was about to bomb a flight from Heathrow Airport and had helped plot the 7/7 attacks.

Salma Nasir, 42, told the lies to get back at a woman known as Camille, who she claimed was about to walk onto a flight with explosives.

Nasir, whose husband took a ‘second wife’, which is permitted under Islamic law, maliciously called police after she had found flight tickets to France for her husband and Camille.
'Malicious': Salma Nasir called police to claim that his husband's 'second wife' was carrying a bomb into Heathrow Airport‘Malicious’: Salma Nasir called police to claim that his husband’s ‘second wife’ was carrying a bomb into Heathrow Airport

The mother-of-four claimed she had received a string of anonymous phone calls warning her about the woman and alleging her involvement in a bomb plot on Heathrow.

Jim Davis, prosecuting, said: ‘This is in effect a lady trying to make trouble. This was a hoax.

‘Her motive would be that her husband has taken a second wife.’

District Judge Carolyn Mellanby said the mother was ‘out to cause mischief’.

She said: ‘You certainly have a motive. You’re an intelligent woman. I am at a loss to believe your story. I am sure you regret it now.

‘I don’t believe you Mrs Nasir. I am certain that day you were out to cause mischief.’

Salma Nasir, of Caddington, Bedfordshire, moved to the UK 25 years ago after marrying Dr Mohammed Nasir, an anaesthetist at Luton & Dunstable Hospital.
Armed police officers patrol the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, a common sight since the 7/7 bombings on London, which Salma Nasir alleged her husband's mistress had helped plotArmed police officers patrol the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, a common sight since the 7/7 bombings on London, which Salma Nasir alleged her husband’s mistress had helped plot

Nasir  who has four sons aged between nine and 22 – called police just after 10.30am on June 26 last year claiming her husband’s second wife was planning to take a bomb onto a flight from Heathrow at 9.50pm.

Luckily her call was discovered to be a hoax and no delays were made to the outgoing flight.

In her defence Nasir, who pleaded not guilty, told Bedford Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday her husband had divorced Camille.

She said: ‘All night I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t know whether to ring or not. Then I decided to ring because about 400 lives could be in danger.

‘I’m not stupid. I knew what I needed to do to save these passengers. That is my only intention.

‘They told me on the phone she was involved in the London bus bombings.

‘I love my husband. I did not think of her because she was out of my life. He had divorced her.’

But District Judge Mellanby found Nasir guilty and ordered her to pay £965 in costs and fines.

Speaking from their family home in Chaul End Village, Bedfordshire, Dr Nasir said: ‘We don’t want to comment. It’s a very personal matter.’

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  1. Of course Richard, but that will never happen. She could have just bobited it, pakied it to the cop shop as the woman in Pakistan did.
    I was sitting on the dirt floor outside a hut in East Africa one day, having a smoke with a couple of African women, who held my hand and kept feeling my rings, I asked the translator to tell them that the six bands on one finger represented one for each husband, but not all at the same time. He translated exactly as I asked, and the three of us gals rolled on the ground in laughter together. In this area as most african countries, men have their way, wives, girlfriends, and high incidence of screwing young girls who attend schools. They bring their backward values to places where they emigrate.

  2. That is why this is so wrong, she will not be punished for her crimes and people will be taught that the laws are a joke, especially if you are a minority.

  3. hi
    dear richard and morticia befor comenting to some one please try to findout the exact situation the culture of concerned people and the history of incident. you have six exhusband and still without one. If a women do not need a husband why she married. After one why you gone for five more. That is only due to Salma Nasir culture and there relation that even Islam allow four wife at a time but you can not say even in fraction have muslim have four wives except some arab people which is again matter of culture not religion. If you read the whole story you will be clear that they really love each other/mother of there children that is why they not divorce and divorce the second one. They sorted there issue out of court and you gone for divorce from six husbands and still waiting for seven. learn somthing from sama nasir for happy life and stop wondering. She can tell you how you can stay happy married life only with single husband. And for your kind information you will learn lot more from them what is love and the sacrifice for love and for beloved husband .

  4. are so stupid in this way by justifying your love to your husband…why don’t you get another man..Islam give permission to get marry again I think…or you can keep a boyfriend for your self..paki women

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