Gaza film of recruiting of terrorists.

H/T Act for America.

Here is a section of a Pierre Rehov video, the recruitment of terrorists in Gaza

From the youtube page where it lives:

This images were filmed in Gaza in 2008 by Pierre Rehov”s crew. They are authentic and captured at high risk. It is the first time someone was able to film the actual recruiting and brainwashing of a candidate to suicide terrorism by an Immam. Please, join if you want to see more, and make it viral.

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4 Replies to “Gaza film of recruiting of terrorists.”

  1. hard to watch this even with the sound turned off
    Gaza, the peaceful loving place, what a joke

    Soon we’ll all have to get used to the sound of arabic, is it already the second language in Quebec, English third?

  2. I think it is a case of inbred mental retardation in action. When you inbreed you get a problem called microencephalisation. This means the brain size is smaller than it should be for the body size. Muzzies have literally smaller brains. A form of mild retardation takes place. I know an inbred guy who is pretty dumb. He is inbred as his parents where first cousins. He believes any conspiracy theory you give him He lives for that garbage. You see the same pattern with the muzzies with jihad on their mind.

  3. Microencephalisation is just part of the problem. Along come all the other genetic defects. Sheesh what a religion.

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