UK: Third of rapists and killers ‘are foreign

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Shock toll for 5 forces… and £34m cop bill


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IMMIGRANTS make up a THIRD of murder suspects and alleged rapists in a string of areas, shock new figures reveal.

And one in seven of all people accused of these crimes in the UK as a whole is a foreign national.

Data from police forces shows 93 foreign-born suspects were accused of murder last year and 418 faced rape allegations.

Four forces each had 33 per cent of non-UK murder suspects – Kent, Lincolnshire and Tayside and Fife in Scotland. The Met Police recorded the highest rate of non-UK rape suspects at 32 per cent.

Cambridgeshire had an astonishing 57 per cent of murder suspects of foreign origin.
Figures ... obtained with Freedom of Information requests
Figures … obtained with Freedom of Information requests

But that figure is calculated on just four accused out of a total of seven. The soaring number of immigrants cost the authorities £34million for translators last year to deal with non-English speaking suspects, victims and witnesses. That’s enough to pay for 1,000 cops.

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Add this post on immigration to England out of control and it gives some sense of scale to the problem.

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5 Replies to “UK: Third of rapists and killers ‘are foreign”

  1. Again euphemism -“foreign-born” ! Fortunately, they all got names. You can certainly
    tell the origin by their names as you can no doubt judge a book by its cover- The Quran !

  2. A pedophile illegal immigrant who was allowed to stay in Britain claiming deportation would breach his human rights has finally deported from the UK after a legal battle that has cost taxpayers up to £100,000. From the telegraph and also on the religion of peace website. What gets me is why is there not an outcry from the islamophobia people, the anti-racist, united against fascism crew. This is clearly a case of islamophobia as peadophilia is part if islam. Attacking the kuffar is just fine too and that too is part of islam. Are the team involved in this islamophobes and should they not be investigated. How hypocritica are the islamophobe cryers. When they do something like this they should be outed. Anjem Choudry take up the battle you stupid moron.

  3. I wonder how many of those UK born, were of non-European descent? Rather high I would imagine, considering how many “British-Pakistanis” are involved in organised rape gangs.

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