The owner of the shop The Walker now fears for his safety

The Bad Faun has sent me another even more disturbing link. Again, another screen capture of a machine translation. The gist of it is, the owner of ‘Le Marcher’ (The Walker) now fears for his personal safety as there has been 2 demonstrations within 8 days and the stated goal of Amir Khadr is to make Quebec “Israeli free”

A rally in support of the store is scheduled next Saturday, May 28 at 12:30. More details in the coming days …







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8 Replies to “The owner of the shop The Walker now fears for his safety”

  1. so outrageous, these brain dead lunatic, where are the city officials and the police to protect the store owners
    Were are the members of the public in this so called Canadian city?
    If I didn’t have other committments, I would go to Montreal just to go in and out of that store all day long, buying anything, and talking to peop;le all over the city to drum up people to come with me and do the same, Where is everyone, How disgusting this is going on in Canada. Don’t these store owners have any rights?
    How many of these people who protest this Israeli store have records, are illegal immigrants, or are from countries that have no rights, Send them back immediately.

  2. Morticia:

    Growing up I used to hear about WW2 and the Holocaust and I would ask myself how these things could possibly happen. At some points, I had doubts about the veracity of much that I had heard because my mind balked at the cold indifference it took to let these things happen. That a small minority of people in one country could turn continents on their ears and people simply did not fight back or stand up to it.

    Now I have all my answers. I see it every day now. People who would claim that they would have fought the Nazis had they been alive then, are complicit with the people who in every meaningful way are the Nazis today.

    People who insult or threaten me because I wear a T shirt which mocks Islam in the exact way that the Nazis were indeed mocked by right thinking people and even governments in the 30s and 40s yet feel they are the moral high ground. It stuns me.

    Most of us probably agree on the political landscape today. The only thing left to be clear of is the actual scale. England needs an actual revolution to get back the most basic freedoms and human rights. Canada seems to be among the best of nations in that sense but we have an infiltration problem of the media and NGO’s which are having a serious impact, albeit a somewhat subterranean one so far. Read David Harris and Blazing Cat fur to get a handle on that.

  3. Quebec is home of some of the wealthiest Jewish families in the world, yet this shit still goes on. Had this man been related to the owners of Molson, the huge brewery, he would have been given protection. But because he is not that wealthy, the police and the government turn a blind eye.

    When the Muslim/fascists start going for Catholics, then it will be too late to stop sharia law from replacing the common law in Quebec.

    The Holocaust happened in Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe between1932 and 1945, lets stop it before it happens here. First step, ship all Muslims back to lands where sharia law is the only law and then shut the door behind them.

    Never forget, never surrender, never give up!

  4. Which T shorts, the Larry Curly and Mohamed one? If so, make a donation for $25.00 and I will mail you one but I only have XL at this point. They are a lot of fun to wear downtown anywhere these days. Have someone follow you with a camera when you do. And hopefully they also have a black belt.

    Just remember, we have the same right and obligation to mock the enemy of our way of life, our culture and freedoms now as we did when we fought WWII, even if our own government criminalizes such opinions.

    On a similar topic, I feel that none of us should ever refer to the organized crime leader Mohamed as a prophet until Muslims all say, “My lord and saviour Jesus Christ”. And frankly not even then.

  5. ok email me the address, I’ll mail you the money order asap and I’ll have to stretch the XL one or loose some more weight

  6. The left always accuses the right of being violent, but they are the ones who always start the political violence. The main reason the left supports gun control is so they can have a free hand in political violence with no one being able to fight back.

    For the above stated reason and the heavy handed Canadian gun control laws the man is right to fear for his life, I pray he will survive but know that this war is going to get bloody real soon, and bloody in all nations.

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