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8 Replies to “Straight talk on the consequences of current immigration policies to Germany”

  1. The man is right, the “immigrants” who refuse to assimilate and who contribute nothing to the economy is draining the treasury’s of all nations, a problem that has been brought on by the far left and their destructive multicultural stupidity. I think that if the problem is look at and then we start limiting immigration and insisting on assimilation we will save the west, but it won’t be easy and the left along with the unassimilated “immigrants” will fight tooth and nail to prevent our setting up and implementing the policies that are necessary.

  2. Just one small correction: on 03:26 when he says, “Die Turken kommen, rette sich, wer kann”, it means “The Turks are coming, save yourself if you can” (not every man for himself, as in this version).
    BTW the speaker (Udo Ulfkotte) is a very interesting person. He’s a German journalist who spent many years in Islamic countries, converted to Islam at some point, then left Islam and became a “reborn Christian”. From Wiki:
    “Between 1986-1998, Ulfkotte lived predominantly in the Islamic states of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan”.
    So the man has gained a first-hand experience about Islam and its “culture”. His judgement can be trusted.

    There’s more about him and others like him, for those who can read texts in German : http://www.kopp-online.com

  3. We did a cost analysis in the UK. The three bottom groups were Somali, followed by Bangladeshis, followed by the number one jihad group the Pakistanis. All were at the bottom of society with regards to welfare. The Jews and Sikhs emerged as the number one and number two in terms of economic well being in the UK as regards faith communities. Islam was at the bottom. Surprise surprise. We bottle blonde were not on the list for some reason. Lol. I will write to the equal opportunities commission.

  4. Small correction to Nina’s small correction–The line translates as a third-person imperative, not second person=[Let whoever can, save him(her)self]. No “yourself” and no “if.” I chose what I thought of as the spirit of the remark.

  5. Immigration has two sides, the side where the people are going to and the side where the people are coming from.

    Why aren’t we looking at those governments who are rubber-stamping those exit passports and saying: “Stop, and if you don’t, we’ll cut off our aid”?

    Everyone is looking at our side, not the other side. I guess OPEC oil and gas is far more important than preventing sharia law and the Muslim invasion.

    Sigh. Where are our world leaders who will defend the west? Besides Geert Wilders and others like him, I mean.

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