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5 Replies to “Largest terror trial of Muslim-Canadian goes mostly unnoticed.”

  1. This website always has the latest going-ons! Like it! Must say, the newswomen all over are more and more showing their skin, while the clothes get tighter and tighter. One day you will see them giving news in the nude! No joke, I’m serious! Remember!

  2. There used to be a site called, ‘Naked News’ where the news ladies stripped while reading headlines. No idea if it still exists. Was a Russian invention as I recall, even though it was in English. Had good novelty value, less so news value.

  3. The newswomen always show more skin when a liberal is leading and then coverup when the libs lose.

    I hope the terrorists end up serving long sentences.

  4. That is kinda funny when you thnk about it. It’s basically the Hooter’s news; but hey, what’s wrong with that?
    But seriously, the fact that the mainstream media plays this down is a disaster. Are they afraid we’ll turn into a howling mob if we learn the truth? Is that why they have to damp everything down all the time – always, “nothing to see here…move along”.

  5. Oh Come On! Sun News is a fresh breath of air, and the ladies are pleasant to look at, but they still can’t hold a candle to the luscious babes of Fox News Channel. Stop trying to turn well-turned out newsreaders into salacious air-heads who are exposing themselves… these ladies are actually reporting newsworthy events without a liberal slant, a refreshing concept in the Propaganda Age. More power to SNN.

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