51 per cent of Pakistanis sad over Osama’s death: survey


What is the percentage of a group required, beyond which it can no longer be considered ‘extreme’? For example, at what percent do we say that the norm for Nazis is genocidal hatred for Jews, and Nazis who just want to make the trains run on time are in fact an aberration? Would it not be reasonable to say that if over 50% of a group based on belief and ideology believe X than that group can be defined as such and the minority who do not are something else? So when “A majority of Pakistanis surveyed in a poll appeared to be aggrieved over the death of Osama bin Laden, with 51 per cent describing their emotions as “grief” then what can we say about Muslim Pakistanis and their alleged aberrant Islam? It would seem the orthodoxy to me.



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  1. Not only is it the Orthodox Islam, it is also the form of Islam that is taking over the Moslem world.

    I am surprised that the number is that low.

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