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Demon Mosque: Islamic Hezbollah flag fluttering among the Leftists

Demonstrations in Gothenburg, Sweden over New Mosque

MOSQUE DEMON Do you see the yellow flag in the picture below from the demonstrations on Saturday? The Islamist Hezbollah (Shiite) which controls Lebanon. Hezbollah has close relations with Iran and both hate Israel and see the country as an illegal state and non-nation.

More pictures of Hezbollah

Six countries, including the United States and Britain, officially lists Hezbollah or its military wing as a terrorist organization, but it is not defined as such by the EU or the UN. Hezbollah’s military wing is suspected to be behind bomb attacks against American and French peacekeeping troops during the Lebanese civil war, the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the hijacking of TWA Flight 847 June 14, 1985, which was flying from Athens bound for Rome.

According to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, 13 July 2006, Hezbollah has been given its heavy military equipment from Iran, including rocket artillery and anti-ship missiles, which came into use during the fighting with Israel, July-August 2006th This military supplies shipped through Syria to southern Lebanon, which requires the Syrian government’s active participation.


Look at the other pics at the Mosque demonstration here. Remember folks, Hezbollah is a real terrorist organization, the bad guys, whose differences with that of al-Qaida, is in the width of a hair. KGS


  1. The people who don’t pay attention to what is going on in the Middle East think I am crazy because I tell them that a major war is going to start soon, they should spend a little time researching what is going on.

  2. We know Leftists support and give aid to Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. I watched incredulously while the Mainstream Media in this country ran story after story of Leftists packing their bags to go to Iraq in 2003 to serve as human shields against our own people to protect enemy targets. I know of none of them being prosecuted for their treasonous acts. The Left is the Fifth Column against the West and openly call for its destruction. The Left has been and continues to institute their Cultural Marxism through Multiculturalism, and Political Correctness, and often calls for the “interdependency” which means the destruction of national sovereignty in favor of dependence on a system of global governance through the IMF, WTO, UN, …etc. The totalitarian goals of the Left are furthered by their allies; the enemy of Western Culture.

    “The interests of Muslims coincide with the interests of the socialists in the war against the crusaders.” -audiotape message of Osama bin Laden from Al Jazeera TV as translated by Reuters on 14 February 2003.

  3. I don’t know when or even if another treason case will be tried, the last one was Tokyo Rose and she was pardoned by some Democrat after spending a lot of time in the pen.

    A much easier case to make would be giving aid and comfort to the enemy during time of conflict, but it is doubtful if even that one will be used against the left until the political climate in the US changes. The left has demonized patriotism to the extent that getting a conviction on the Alpha Hotels who went to Iraq is questionable, just as getting a conviction on Hanoi Jane is doubtful. All of those mentioned above deserve to spend many a long year in the pen, preferably a pen where they could meet new people and learn new lifestyles.

  4. This war was not declared by us against them, but by them against us, over 1,300 years ago.

    Western leaders have no grasp of the enormity of Islamic plans for the world. Not since the 17th and 18th centuries has the west seen religious wars like this one, so most of the population ignores the signs of the impending fight. Many think that most Muslims think and behave like we do and have the same grasp of history and the ideals behind the separation of church and state.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. From birth to death, many hundreds of millions of Muslims believe in the separation of the world into the dar-al-habr and the dar-al-islam and that the latter will triumph over the former.

    They do not behave like we do when terrorists attack. They do not behave like we do when their symbols are destroyed. In lay terms, they are a series of cultures which have had centuries of brainwashing and conditioning to make them who they are and nothing short of utter defeat will change them, if they ever can be changed.

    And yet millions have been let into the free world as “refugees”.

    Parasites, more likely.

  5. You are right RRWest, this problem is caused mainly by the lefts cultural relativism, if all cultures are morally equal and all people are morally equal they we all have to be the same. Those of us who were lucky enough to be educated before the left took total control of the educational systems know about the evils of certain cultures and how they think differently then us. The rest of the population has been so indoctrinated that they will scream racism when this simple fact is stated.

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