Bulgarians fight back. A great moment.

Before anyone rushes to judge me for this headline, allow me to state a few obvious things that seem to go missing in the modern narrative.

1. Islam is a belief system and consequent behaviours. It is not racist to oppose it any more than it is racist to oppose Republicans or communists or any other voluntary group defined by beliefs etc.

2. Muslims world wide always, without question, discriminate against all other non-Muslim groups, and against women Muslim or not, once they have the population required to achieve enough force to do so, area by area, increment by increment. So opposing it’s growing power in a non-Muslim land is always a good thing for liberalism.

3. Wherever there are massive street prayers by Muslims laws are broken. People cannot access public property and even indeed their own till the Muslims are good and finished with their demonstration of strength. And that is what these are. Prayer in any sense we are familiar with can be done in the privacy of one’s own home or in a temple of some kind. It does not need to happen ‘en masse’ and at the expense of all other peoples and activities in the area. This is why it is a demonstration of Islamic power, and not a religious service.

Press TV attempts desperately to use the language of victim politics to make this clip look like Muslims are ‘The New Jews’. It is critical to remember that Jews were being killed based on the criteria that they had one Jewish grandparent. It did not matter what religion they followed or whether they were loyal to the state or not. With Islam, it is a matter of opposing an ideology and its associated behaviours and consequences. This is critical for the preservation of any culture, other than Islamic, world wide.

For an interesting peek at the history of Bulgaria and Islam read this. (thank you Les) Gates of Vienna has this to say:

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  1. Ah religion; i once came to the conclusion, after a discussion with a bunch of buddhists that the goal of meditation is to allow the buddhist to continue claiming there truth is the only truth without feeling doubt, confusion or anger, when someone claims the opposide.

  2. Religion should remain a personal experience, and is the quiet awareness of personal transcendence and connection to the divine and to the mystery of our life and how we fit in.

    When religious ideology causes its adherents to push it on others in public is when problems start. Same with the religions of secularism and collectivism. Personal beliefs are personal.

    While in public no one has the right to impose their worldview on others. Taking over public streets to “pray” is not prayer – it’s more an arrogant act of imposing one’s own habits on everyone else.

  3. Like Henry M. Galt said: “I never thought much of Bulgars until now” ,at least not in terms of counterjihad. Welcome in the Pan-Europan movement, Bulgarians!

  4. The actions of the Bulgarians are doing what all Western nations will do in the near future if they want to survive as free nations. Also does the Moslem really expect us to believe that Islam prevents them from retaliating against the Bulgars?

  5. See what you can do when you are not ‘constrained’ by western ‘guilt’ and political correctness. Three cheers for the Bulgars.

  6. Quote….. muslims are seen as terrorists”…Unquote

    Wherever did they get that idea

    muslims only loyalty is to the umma snd the hatred inspired by islamic texts

  7. This bloody victim who pretends to be a true Bulgarian, didn’t he see that Bulgarians don’t pray on public places? They provoke with their public prayers and when attacked they get the racist card out of their sleeves. Since when praying has to do with race?

  8. I am happy to see this! I wish more Europeans and Americans would stand up to these muslim law breakers.

  9. David that is coming and sooner then most people expect, take a good hard look at what is happening in all of Europe and the way National Defense Leagues are forming. Then connect the dots.

  10. I’m not very happy with what happened because it will inforce the pro-muslim and multi-culti institution to ask for more “freedom and non-descrimination” in Bulgaria. We have problems – noone would do any harm to a praying muslims but they are occupying the streets arround their praying houses, the sound of the minarees are terrible. But still here we have another big problem – gypsies, forced by EU our government are protecting them in politically correct way. Unfortunately I’m not optimist – even this fight agains muslim was done by a political party in the parlament, and now we’ll be facing hard impose from the institution and to tread Bulgaria as non-tollerant country and we all know how this will ends.

  11. Well, such a funny thing to become a Budhist. Buda was Bulgarian Scythian, who said that he was not God – but only a prophet/wise man. And now people are praying to a Bulgarian. Wow!

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