Egypt: Over 1000 Muslims attempt to block reopening of church

Read this in the context of the following post. This is normal. The rest of the world fighting back is, sadly, man bites dog.


From Jihad Watch:

They don’t make the rules, they just go on rampages to enforce them: Islamic law forbids the construction of new churches or the repair of existing ones. And closed churches are expected to stay that way. As usual, the headline does its utmost to make the hatred and violence appear to be a reciprocal affair.

This latest mob intended to send the message: What we decide to break, you must not dare to fix. What we close, you will not re-open. “Muslim-Christian clashes erupt over reopening of church in Egyptian capital,” from the Associated Press, May 19 (thanks to Twostellas):

CAIRO — Muslims and Christians pelted each with stones in a Cairo suburb Thursday over the reopening of a church the former regime closed years ago.

For the rest please click over to Jihad Watch:

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