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30 Replies to “Amazing speech from Norwegian MP May 14 2011”

  1. Welcome to the future of the entire west if we don’t wake up and realize we are in a war of survival, one that is going to last a long time.

  2. It is nonsense to assert that there are many blonde people in Norway. I am a Norwegian now a Glaswegian living in the wonderful city of Glasgow and am of Congolese descent and practise here in this most wonderful city of Glasgow as a Witchdocter. I have lived in Oslo for five year before coming to the wonderful city of Glasgow which I emigrated to from the Democratic Republic of Congo and was astounded by the number of bottle blondes. The Danes are the same. I have not been to Sweden so I can not comment. The propaganda of Blonde Scandanavia continues. Go and there and see for yourself. Do not just take the word of a Glaswegian Norwegian of Congolese descent’s word for this. In the Glasgow dialect when we see someone who is dressing up in some way that we do not like we let fly with a: Look at the state of these cunts! or more accuratly : Look a’ state a’ these cunts! Actually I am writing this in my witchdoctor outfit so that applies to me and my pals just now as I am having a get together with the entire witchdoctor population of the the wonderful city of Glasgow. Come to Glasgow and see the best place in the world!

  3. Well said. Someone needs to spill the beans about the lie of a blonde scandanavia. It has been going on as long as I can remember and yet the facts on the ground do not dispell this illusion. It is bit like the religion of peace thing with islam. How many dark haired danes and norwegians does it take before you realise that Norway and Denmark are predominately dark haired countries. The Bottle Blonde is everywhere and propagates the myth. Islam is a the religion of peace. Blonde Denmark and Blonde Norway. The same illusory quality of the mind in play which is called in Sanskrit MAYA. In the history of medicine it came to play when the cut up displays of bodies did not match some of the drawings and description in textbooks. People still believed in those text books but eventually the truth won out after a long battle. As a wich doctor who needs body parts for some of his magic I am sure you will find that intersting Glaswegian Norwegian of Congolese descent. I thought you could shorten that handle to GLC but that would be the greater london council and would cause confusion with that body of poloticians.

  4. Just look at the speaker. Does he look blonde. No. See with your eyes and do not believe the propaganda.

  5. I am a fake blonde myself and I like being that way. It is part of the way I am but I do feel that the Negroess fake blonde and the white fake bottle blondes should unite! Unite against this myth. Let us get us blonded up and rally outside the Norwegian and Danish embassies. Shout it out! Shout out the truth!

  6. The truth will make you free. The Danes and Norwegians are embarassed by their darkness. Be free. Be who you are and do not propogate a myth that is not reality. Living up to the myth with hair dye is your curse. We can see the roots! We can see the fake!

  7. The dark haired white is the majority of the scandanavians. Anthropologist have done studies and bear this out. Tourists bear this out when they visit.

  8. I am up for a demo outside the embassy. What kind of banners etc will we have? What will they say.It is kind of strange demo but why not. I hope it goes forward as it would be an interesting one. The whites have too lone laboured under they myth of their blondeness. It is blonde hair racism which is a kind of racism similar to light skin racism we see in india with their wavy waist actresses looking so fair and then when you get off the plane everyone is so dark .

  9. I suggest however no one gets completely blonded up for the demo. Come as you are but not quite. I know you love your wig but you could get the old afro out for the day but you could dye it half blonde. I think most of the whites should dye their hair half blonde and leave the other side dark and that would then make the point about this kind of blonde hair racism. Lets help white people accept the dark part of themselves. Their hair. I have accepted my darkness. How about you bottle blonde dane. Just be your dark haired self eve if you are from scandanavia.

  10. What’s the deal, X-mouth? Are you saying something? Personally, I find commenters who use six different handles a bit disconcerting, but maybe that’s just me. Is there some point I’m missing? What’s this about blonde hair?

  11. Chris the point I am trying to make is that their is a myth out there. The myth of a blonde denmark and Norway. I have not been to Sweden so I can not comment. The second point is that racism of the skin type is matched by the hair type created in the case of the two countries I have visited; a kind of myth which crumbles as soon as you land and notice all the bottle blondes. Thirdly I am saying that people should realise that the whites of the world are a dark haired group with fair skin. The fair skin and fair hair is a rarity among the adult population of Denmark and Norway though of course it does exist and may even be in the 20 percent or less mark according to one study which looked as Sweden, though in that country due to a mania for Eugenics the blonde population may have been artificially boosted during that crazy time in their history. The entire blonde hair dye industy worth billions would simply not exist if this was not the case. Which is good for the hair dye companies as they do their bit in propagating the myth which adds to their profits. There are lots of myths in the world. The myth of africans being the real movers behind the egyptian civilisation. The myth of muslims/arabs/persians doing anything of any value ever despite their boasts of invention and civilisation. These myths have been dealth with and dismissed. Now how about doing the same for the blonde Norway and Denmark myth. Sounds about time that one was also sorted out too.

  12. The Northern nati0ns use to be blond to a very large extent but since the gene that causes blond hair is recessive it takes to parents with that gene to continue the blond hair. As the brunets marry the blonds and have kids there are fewer and fewer blonds.

  13. It seems that darkness is dominant in white people: it dominates thier hair in colored people it dominates thier skin and thier hair. I think people hate darkness. The people who hate darkness the most are white people. They are the biggest buyers of blonde hair dye. They are fighting nature. Nature is stronger and they will fight it forever. As long as white people are in the world they will fight against thier own darkness.

  14. You got that right, back in the 1950s and 1960s a lot of Science Fiction authors predicted a future where all of the races interbreed to the point where everyone one was a light brown or as some called it a dark gold.

  15. Races do interbreed and that creates more darkness when they do so in a white and coloured combination. Since darkness is what white people fight against in their own hair it seems strange for them to welcome darkness in their offspring by mating with coloured races. But then love is blind and dark. The darkness of passion creates the world of people. The strange phenomenon of trying to be lighter and at the same time create more darkness in the world is the strangest thing among the white races. However, the problem for the counterjihad is the number of women who marry the dark muzzies and then propagate the dark creed of Islam. Fortunately, a some books have been published which highlight the harrowing stories of women who have married a muzzie. The one that comes to mind is “Not without my daughter” which is film based on a book which I think had a similar title. A good idea for the counterjihad is to always have a copy of this book to distribute or just have lieing around the house as a warning. My own family are well warned so their is no prob there but there is so much ignorance out there. Having said all this one can be a hypocrite as one does find other races attractive. So there is the rub as Shakespeare would say. The world of love is a world of dark passions stirred in the hearts of men and women and no amount of rationality will make any difference. However, one can try and maybe there will be a result. In my own family we managed to stop a muzzie from marrying into our family. He had all but almost completely brainwashed the girl in question but now she is free and living happily away from that horrible religion of islam. The protection of our women is of paramount importance in the counterjihad.

  16. Richard what you say about the genes is very interesting.
    Since the battle for lightness is being lost among the whites it does appear that the battle should be moving on to the mighty and lofty peaks of white culture, art and religion. From this incredible height one can see the darkness below. The lightness is in the sunny sky of white achievement.

  17. Let me add that as for the counterjihad it pays to promote and celebrate any culture and civilisation that is not muzzie. But whites should also definately have a love for their own culture.

  18. So Richard you are saying that a brunette white by marrying a blonde white is contributing to the darkness that plagues whites which they struggle to overcome in their own makeup. We are moving into such interesting and dangerous territory here!

  19. So by marrying a darker type of white a blonde person not knowing about genes is creating a darker type of white person. It shows once again that love is blind. This darker haired white will spend their life dying it to get it blonde and then maybe repeat the same mistake that the parents made and then more darkness. It almost feels that a blonde person is of a separate race, a very fragile race that disappears quite quickly, until bottle blonde rule.

  20. But if bottle blonde rule than we move to the lofty heights of loving white culture. The whiteness is really there and that is where the greatest whiteness is. It is in the white heat of white civilization, and not in the hair. It never was. It was an illusion and I for one am not bothered. I will focus on what matters while dying my hair as a reminder of the old days.

  21. We are moving into dangerous territory here, and I am interested to see how far you are going to go in talking about the problem.

  22. I am not willing to write off the white race so easily, we are in trouble but I think we will survive.

    Yes Western Civilization is under attack and will also probably survive, but only after a long hard struggle, one that will cause most of the politically correct to change their ways and attitudes. The most probably scenario that I see is one that includes a massive war, not necessarily one like WWII but one bigger that may well be composed of a massive number of small wars that are centered around the idea of resisting Islam. During this war people will start changing the way they are thinking about many things, including the idea of what is and isn’t racism and what is and isn’t tolerable.

    Do I see us going back to the apartheid governments of the past? No. Do I see things changing to the extent that the anti-White campaign now being waged by the left and the “minority” groups is declared racism and made illegal? Yes.

    I am not going to expand on those statements because I don’t want to be accused of racism, and I personally don’t know where the changes necessary to win the war are going to end. Or even where I want them to end.

    However I do know that if a white and a dark skinned marry the kids are darker then the white but lighter then the dark skinned, if that family keeps marrying into the whites it doesn’t take too many generations before they are white in appearance and have a white skin.

  23. Richard forgive me if I sounded as if I am dismissive of the white race. I have tremendous love and respect for whites. It is not a case of how far I will go but of how society will pull back from what the PC/MC crowd have wrought. In fact I am very scared to go any further along the road which was once trod back in the time of the Second World War. Never again. You say :Do I see us going back to the apartheid governments of the past? No. Do I see things changing to the extent that the anti-White campaign now being waged by the left and the “minority” groups is declared racism and made illegal? Yes.
    Therein lies the future legally binding formulation that will stamp our the Islamic “you are a racist, hate speech monger and islamphobic nazi” smear that the left and the islamics impose on their enemies because the state backs them and no one backs those who are so tarnished. Once this fear is removed and reversed we will then see a change.

  24. I didn’t think you were being dismissive of the whites, in fact at times I think you give some/most of us too much credit. I hope and pray you are right about my predictions coming to pass, I think they will but it will take time and probably a lot of blood shed to bring this end.

  25. I smell the scent of racism here. It makes me laugh that white people can be utterly discriminated against but if you’re not white, you can be celebrated. White people are no more good or evil than anyone else, and as for this Norweigan Glasweigan’s assessment of things, I wonder if maybe her infomation is outdated. Not only do medical centre and hospital records verify that about 98% of sexual assaults in Norway are committed by immigrants, and, all of the cases recorded in the last quarter (according to Norweigan news sources) were committed by muslims, but on top of this, it is an increasingly similar story in every Western country except the USA, but, again, that will happen at some point. Moreover, statistics show that it is more likely to be blondes who are attacked, particularly in Scandinavia.

    Now, before the torrent of abuse I’m likely to recieve for expressing truth – and yes – I can VERIFY the statistics – remember that I have access to this kind of information on a regular basis, and although, because the loss of my job isn’t worth it, I am not willing to say how or why, you can take it as read if you want the truth, that there is no veriation from truth by the afore-read article.


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