The Case for Israel: Free here! With permission till midnight Monday!

The makers of the excellent film, ‘The Case for Israel’ were kind enough to allow all readers of Vlad to see this film free till midnight EST Monday night in honour of Israeli Independence day. Enjoy, spread the link and comment. If you use FIREFOX you may need to click this link to see the video but with any other browser the video should appear to you below.

Thank you very much to the makers of this excellent and important film for this gift. It was very thoughtful of them to do this.

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16 Replies to “The Case for Israel: Free here! With permission till midnight Monday!”

  1. I viewed this film for the second time before the deadline.
    BTW–I’m not an American, nor a Jew.
    But I do want to ask the former US President, Jimmy Carter, one simple question. And that is:
    The Liberty Bell ,which sounded during the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, bears an inscription. Do you,Mr. President Carter, know what the inscription is?
    The inscription on the Bell has been cited as America’s motto: “PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF.”
    This statement comes from the Jewish Bible, Leviticus 25:10. This passage is a critical part of Jewish history, because it is one of the regulations God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai for Jewish life in the Promised Land.
    Mr. President Carter, please read your own history!!

  2. After all, American history is only some 200 years. Mr. President Carter, may I give you
    another that you don’t know.
    The most famous modern image of American courage in battle is that of US Marines raising the Stars and Stripes on top of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. This photograph
    was taken under combat conditions by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal,
    a Jew who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. You want more??

  3. Viewed the great film for the third time before the deadline!
    I choose to hold fast to what is good, thus, I choose to stand with Israel.
    One more commandment is henceforth called for: In the conflict between
    good and evil, THOU SHALL NOT BE A BY-STANDER !
    as the Chinese old saying goes: The teech will feel cold when lips are gone !!

    Why the deadline? Good film like this should be around for more to see….

  4. Phillip The film makers in order to keep going and making more excellent and important films need to at least recoup their costs for a film like this and ideally make money at it. After all, films that are unimportant and often pure excrement make millions. So the makers of this have offered to let readers of vlad watch this for free for a few days out of the kindness of their hearts and they are hoping that some of us might buy the DVD on Amazon and then show it to our friends at home. I hope lots do. It is an important film.

    Farewell Israel is another great one as well and needs to be seen many times as it packs information in fast and hard.

  5. Don’t expect Jimmy Carter to study or understand history, he is too busy sticking his nose up the backside of every dictator in the world, that and taking money from them.

  6. Don’t forget that Jimmy Carter is just about the last of the old fashion Southern Democrats who grew up during the time period when the KKK was a power down south.

  7. ”This statement comes from the Jewish Bible, Leviticus 25:10”

    The Bible is supposedly inspired by God and came from the Israelites, not just from Judah. Furthermore, it is viewed as divinely created by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others. Therefore, it is not correct to say it is a ”Jewish Bible”.

  8. I apologize for the wrong choice of word. Being a Buddhist who is interested in studying Chritsianity and Judaism, it’s difficult to understand the nuances in the definition. Please also enlighten me on the difference, if any, of the Bible in general;
    and the New/Old Testament in particular; and then the Five Books of Moses vs Torah.

  9. So Carter’s world view was formed in that era. However, I would add a touch of sanctimony and money grabbing shamelessness as well and you have Carter.

  10. PoliticallyCorrect:

    As far as I know, the Old Testament is an oral history and collection of stories from the Zoroastrian and Jewish peoples. It is sacred to some Jews and some Christians indeed however the Muslims teach that it is a gross distortion of ‘gods’ words and is heresy and blasphemy. That the Koran is the only real accurate revelation from god, the keeper of the brothel in the clouds.

    The new testament of course is mostly the accepted compilation from the Council of Nicaea circa 375 AD. I am not a biblical scholar by any stretch. All those books make awful reading except for the odd bits which can have great insight and wisdom, and some parts, such as the tale of David and Goliath, which are actually folklorized accounts of very real and very interesting history. But the Koran is in a class by itself. It was made up by one man, to suit his own needs, as he needed it at that moment, hence his ‘law of abrogation’ to explain why ‘Allah’ would have wildly conflicting rules and instructions from time to time.

    The only miracle in it is that anyone believes it to be of supernatural origins.

    All this to say really, that the Torah, old testament etc. could quite fairly be called ‘The Jewish Bible’ as they made up all that stuff. The god referred to it it, was originally just the god of the Jews hence the commandment “Though shall have no other gods before me” presumably meaning that other people can have other gods but there is only one god for Jews and it’s the one that they made up for themselves. Clearly the Egyptian gods would be bad ones for the slaves of the Egyptians. Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth, became the Christian avatar and so they adopted the same Jewish god. The Muslims clearly invented their own but claim it to be the real voice of the Jewish god, therefore Jews are evil for failing to understand the voice of their own god.

    Hope I haven’t totally offended everyone who reads this site. But it seems all quite obvious to me. Very willing to be shown how I am wrong though. Biblical scholars have shown me my errors many times and I always enjoy it when they do.


  11. @philipzhao, what you said in using the expression “Jewish Bible” is just fine, though yeah there are alternatives, but what PoliticallyCorrect said is not fine, not at all:
    @PoliticallyCorrect, your comment suggests that Jewish means limited to the tribe of Judah, or at least that Jewish does not include the “Israelites.” This is the language of neo-nazis and Jew-haters at worst, or at best, the language of the biblically confused or those misinformed by the language of replacement theology (whether of the malicious or benign type) that to the delight of antisemites has even crept into some dictionaries secondary meanings for the word, though biblically, Jew and Israelite are used interchangeably — not always, it depends on context, but even after the 10 northern tribes separated from Judah & Benjamin.
    Since all the writers of the books of the “Old Testament” or “Tanakh” were Israelites and Jewish, regardless of their tribe, including Moses (of the tribe of Levi) who wrote the part philipzhao referred to, there is no problem referring to Leviticus as being of the Jewish Bible.
    I missed this film, but from the comments it seems there may have been something about the verse was put on the Liberty Bell, & that placement is very BAD, since unlike other verses that have general applicability, that command to “proclaim liberty…” was specifically given to one people only: “Speak unto THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL…”(Lev 25:2), and the US is NOT Israel…this replacement theology leads to serious anti-Zionism and even antisemitism.

  12. Ex Negrologist I agree with your correction, but it is more then a touch and you have to add in the massive arrogance of all leftists.

  13. Just finished watching, now sending link to contacts. I contacted CAMERA last week but was told it wasn’t going to be playing in Canada, so thanks so much for posting this. Congrats also on your Wilders interview. Saw him in London & Toronto. Mark

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