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6 Replies to “Pat Condell: Pakistan and the killing of Bin laden”

  1. A brilliant raid, perfectly exectuted, with just the right amount of ruthless disipline, by brave men.
    What do we get from our politicians, the usual pathetic grovelling: he’s not a Muslim, he’s been given a Muslim burial though, please please please don’t hurt us, we love you really, etc etc etc.
    Pathetic, why we vote these inhuman, self hating half wits in again and again and again, is beyond me.
    No body, big mistake; but lets be up to the task, Obama’s reign has been nothing but a continuation of Bush’s, but with the mistakes multiplied by an almost infinite amount.
    There’s no stopping this guy, ruining his country whilst bleeting on about the poor.

    Still he’s dead (Osama) that’s the main thing, now the Muslims will settle down and pay the mortgage, get up and go to work, they’ve got nothing left to fight for, have they?

  2. Pat Condell’s entertaining and truthful videos always hit the nail on the head. He understands the Evil that is Islam and its zonked disciples.
    Peace to you as well, Condell !

  3. The fuss is in the so called islamic world, with the usual demonstrtions. It seems that a point is being missed. Muslims are supposed to worship Allah and his prophet but NOT the daughters of Allah and certainly not the muslim Osama. When will these muslims repent of associating a mere human with Allah. Disgraceful Shirk from these muslims. May Allah roast them in pig sweat in hell forever!

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