Egyptian Coptic Youth Protect Cathedral During Pope’s Sermon

(AINA) — Egyptian police and armed forces were heavily deployed around St, Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo yesterday as Coptic Pope Shenouda III delivered his weekly sermon to nearly 10,000 church members. The sermon was also attended by the media and Muslim journalists to show their opposition to the Salafis and the actions against the church. A large number of veiled Muslim women were also in attendance.

Hundreds of Coptic Christians also guarded the Cathedral. The Maspero Coptic Youth Federation announced they will guard the Cathedral until Friday because the Salafis warned they will stage this Friday another demonstration in front of it, to “free” the Christian converts to Islam whom the church detains.

Islamists websites had warned Copts not to attend today’s sermon and had called for retaliatory action against the Cathedral during the sermon in response to the church’s decision not to release Camellia Shehata, who Muslims believe has converted to Islam and is being held against her will.

The Pope’s sermon was titled “Forgive” and stressed the virtue of being good to the offenders. The Pope said every human being sins, even the saints, and “forgive the people so that you are forgiven.”

Thousands of Salafists staged a march to the cathedral last Friday to demand the appearance of Camellia Shehata and Wafaa Constantine, both wives of clergy, whom they claim converted to Islam. The church has denied they converted to Islam (AINA 4-30-2011). The prosecutor requested of the appearance of Camellia to investigate the claims that she was allegedly kidnapped and detained by the Church. She is expected to appear before them in the very near future.

“Camelia said she was 100% Christian, is proud of her religion, has not converted to Islam and never went to AlAzhar for conversion,” said Dr. Naguib Gobraeel, her attorney. “She confirmed that she had had a misunderstanding with her husband, Father Tedaos, and left their home and stayed a few days with some relations, until friends and relatives intervened and reconciled them.” Dr. Naguib Gobraeel said she now lives a quiet and happy life with her husband and her two and half year old son Anton in Cairo.

Gobraeel said he advised Camellia to appear in the media to refute the claims of her conversion to Islam and that she is being held by the church, but she refused. He added that Camellia told him that her biggest wish is to return to the simple life, like any normal Egyptian woman, away from the media and the dispute between Copts and Muslims regarding her.

By Mary Abdelmassih

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4 Replies to “Egyptian Coptic Youth Protect Cathedral During Pope’s Sermon”

  1. One has to admire the Coptic Christian’s courage and strength in defence of their faith against continual abuse and harassment from the Islamists. It is encouraging to see the
    support and protection given to them by the Muslim media and police during the weekly
    sermon delivered by Coptic Pope Shanouda 111. let us hope this demonstrates a sea of change in a Muslim state in the way Christians and non Muslims are accepted and respected. It may be that the new regime in Egypt realises that it will need financial aid
    from the west to rebuild it’s economy and will have to improve it’s present attitude on
    human rights.

  2. When the Caliphate is reformed the Christians is all of the Moslem nations will be in danger of a massive pogrom against them, I hope Europe treats those that manage to make it to Europe as refugees.

  3. I agree Richard, The pogrom against the Christians and other Infidels is well under way in the Islamic countries to various degrees. Weather it’s one murder, rape, violent assault, wanton property destruction, or a planned massacre by Islamists. It is near impossible to keep up with the daily reports of senseless violence in the majority of Islamic countries. When you add to that the incidents that are never reported due to censorship and sympathetic or corrupt government officials who willingly look the other way, IMHO we are not even getting a clear scope of the problem. I fear the number of horrific incidents are greater than anyone can imagine.

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