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3 Replies to “Lars Hedigaard: Islamic subjugation of women as a necessary aspect of expansionism”

  1. A well presented lucid demonstration of the tactics of the muzzie and their western appeasers working to enslave us all. Notice he did not let danish women off the hook as they actively work for their own enslavement by the Ummah by voting for parties that will take away thier rights. I believe this is more ignorance rather than deliberate though. Most poeple I know nothing about Islam. I once met a guy who did not know what islam was. He knew about muzzies but not about the religion. He had no interest and he was a western guy brought up his whole life in the west. Even his mom was going out with a muzzie at the time I spoke to him and he still did not know what islam was. Such ignorance but he was totally opposed to the muzzie style of life and hated it with a passion but with ignorance. So it is possible to hate the muzzies and islam and be a fighter without knowing too much about it. An interesting case.

  2. Yes let’s be open in the news media about what the beliefs of islam really are,
    what a bloody joke, after bin laden, all the mosquers out door to door across Canada, in the communities to spread the word about what a peaceful religion islam is, How outrageous that on the tv news when they cover this they have not got the guts to point out, no women going door to door, just men and boys, what about all the abusive tenants of islam that are against our very constitution
    what shrivelling cowards the press and all those who appease this diabolical disgusting affront against reason, the cult of islam

  3. The subjugation of women is central to the Moslem religion, I understand that the pre Islamic Arabic culture had this tenet to a much lesser degree and that the women held a much higher position in the tribes. Mo the pervert hated women for some reason we will never know and quite possibly would have been a serial rapist and killer in the modern world, another thing we will never know. What we do know is that his cult somehow managed to survive his death and continues to haunt the world and oppress women around the world.

    The population growth due to multiple wives is the reason the Mormons use to have plural wives.

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