Ontario conservatives spew unintelligible hot air on their promise to scrap the ‘Human Rights Commissions’

What a crying shame. No one in Ontario is going to bat for rational individual rights. No one. I am truly disappointed. I would vote NDP at this point if I could be sure they would actually scrap the HRC’s and not replace it with anything. Our court system already exists to address grievances and legal wrongs. That is all we need. The quest for a perfect world, like it always has, results in totalitarianism.

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  1. Love your work, Ezra!

    This is the pattern in every Western nation today: the “conservative” opposition is merely a paler shade of red. Look at the “ConservativeParty” in the U.K. today, and the RINOs in the U.S.

    It’s time to abandon any hope that conventional politics can deliver salvation from the PC stranglehold, which now rules both sides of politics today. The Western world needs a new political movement based entirely on traditional Western law and values – such as the TEA-party in the states.

  2. we don’t want to get involved with ‘blue team red team’


    randy is just candy.. pooped out with no effort..

  3. Human rights commissions and tribunals are bad jokes organized by the left to use our laws and compassion against us. The really sick thing about them is that they are working, people are believing them and are going along to get along and not be falsely labeled as racists.

  4. Hillier is clearly a smart guy, but he’s obfuscating the issue with his bullshit.
    “There needs to be more justice minded process.”
    I agree with van grungy, Hillier needs a tune-up.
    “I’ll tell you a story, Ezra . . …”, says Hillier, what crap!
    Ezra did a good job of holding his feet to the fire,
    and he’ll do a much better job next time.
    He called Hillier embarrassing, said they were running away, and accused him of going soft.
    He’s not gonna let these bastards off the hook – Go get ’em Ezra!

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