More bad news from Egypt

I am reproducing a thread from facebook here, from a Coptic site. I will try and update it as it comes in but for those interested, try and go over and subscribe to this fellows thread, as he seems to have some inside and it’s being updated rapidly.
Peter Tadros    3:57pm May 7
There is bad news filtering in from Egypt. Extremists have surrounded a church in the district of “Imbaba” near Cairo and this time there are reports of casualties.

Fady Nagy    4:11pm May 7
not only this they burned another church in the same district and now they are attacking houses now it is 1 am

Peter Tadros     7:15pm May 7
Egypt’s 12 Millions Copts need leave their houses and go out and defend their country..Otherwise they will be killed inside their houses. The Army needs to take us seriously.

Peter Tadros 9:35am May 8
To Eskarandarani Walahi. “good muslims” have done very little to stop attack on Christians in Egypt. It is true that not all Egyptian muslims agree with the actions of these extremists (and i have a few Muslims as friends who are totally against this)however the majority of Egyptian Muslims seems to support extremism and even Osama Bin Laden – this is true and this was proven last Friday in Cairo when they conducted prayers on Osama Bin Laden. He is a hero to many Egyptian Muslims. This is why Egyptian army and previously under Mubarak regime “Amn Dowla” and Police allow attacks on our people in Egypt because they it is their duty to treat “Kufar” or “Infidels” in such a manner. I just watched CTV channel and watched the footage of the burning church. Apparantly the terrified copts were forced into the church after being deceived only to be firebombed.

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  1. I don’t know how much more of this it will take before the public in the West wakes up, I have given up on most of the politicians but the public can change things if they will just wake up and recognize the danger.

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