Acid attack on school-run mother in Newham


Police have appealed for information to catch a man who threw acid at a mother as she walked her two children home from school in east London.

The woman, 40, suffered serious burns to her head, shoulder and back when she was targeted in Harold Road, Newham, shortly after picking up her children.

The man, who was black, aged 25-35, 5ft 10ins with short black hair, was seen getting into a mauve-coloured BMW.

Three men have been arrested and bailed in connection with the inquiry.

‘Terrible crime’

Detectives said the woman and her two young children were approached by the man at about 1520 GMT on 24 March.

Realising he had thrown a liquid at her she began to feel a burning sensation and was taken to hospital.

She underwent specialist medical treatment and has since been allowed home.

Police said the suspect was seen getting into the back seat of a BMW. Two Asian men were also in the car which was driven towards Terrace Road.

Det Con Phil Fox, said: “This was a very serious incident against a woman picking up her young children from school.

“I urge anyone with any information to contact police to help bring those responsible for this terrible crime to justice.”

Five men were arrested last month, two were released without charge and the others, aged 26, 32 and 23, were bailed until June.

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    The lesson is: give muslims a very wide berth. I believe in complete disengagement, no matter what nation they happen to be, including mine.

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