U.S.: Officials Ruled Out Pakistani Help In Bin Laden Operation

below is a SITREP from STRATFOR about the decision not to inform the government of Pakistan about the raid on the Pakistani constructed compound where OBL conducted business. For anyone who finds this interesting (as I do) and want to understand the machinery of the ISI and perhaps more importantly the FBI and other US intel agencies, consider a fantastic lost weekend with the book, ‘Ghost’ by Fred Burton, former DSS agent and current adviser for terrorism at STRATFOR. It is the detailed story of the capture of the people who did the first bombing of the WTC under Bill Clinton. The bombing everyone seems to forget. The DSS captured the principles in this and the main man in Pakistan. The story is not only fantastically entertaining and a great true life adventure read, but is informative as to the way the various agencies operate. Once you have read this book, re read the 911 commision reports or watch the excellent docu-drama, ‘The Path to 911’ with Harvey Keitel which is deadly accurate except in 2 details which the book Ghost will make clear.



May 3, 2011
CIA Director Leon Panetta on May 3 said the United States ruled out involving Pakistan in the operation to bring down Osama bin Laden because officials feared Pakistan could jeopardize the mission by leaking information to him, TIME reported. Panetta also said the United States collected an “impressive amount” of material from bin Laden’s compound, including computers and other electronics.

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  1. The jihadists have too many supporters in the Paki government, military and intelligence for us to involve them in the raid, we wanted to get bin Laden not warn him.

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