Hamas condems the martyrdom of Bin Laden

I don’t get it. Do Muslims actually believe a word they actually say? Cause if the believe a single word about Islamic martyrdom, how the only guaranteed way to get to the brothel in the sky where every man has Priapism, where you can finally get a damn drink, where you can have sex with young boys and it somehow isn’t gay, is by dying in the course of jihad, then the Muslim world should be sending flowers to Obama and the CIA. I mean we put their hero exactly where he and every other Muslim believer is willing to kill and die to get to. So whats the woop?

So I have two words for Hamas:

You’re Welcome!

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2 Replies to “Hamas condems the martyrdom of Bin Laden”

  1. Yeah it’s a funny old world, all the sleaze you can get in Allahs world, but not on this earth. Weird Fucken weird. No wonder they are all so off the dial crazy!

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