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8 Replies to “Another Muslim ‘honour’ killing.”

  1. Why would any rational woman marry a Moslem and convert? That is what killed her daughter, her mothers desire to have a husband no matter what, she allowed him to bully and harass her daughter for years when she could have ended the marriage and saved her daughter.

  2. Meanwhile there are BASTARDS blocking Pam Geller’s bus ad ‘Leave Islam Safely’ campaign. Those people need jailing, they are accessory to this and God knows how many other crimes with their despicable cowardice.

  3. You are right, the people who are now crying are the ones who oppose all help the the girls and women who need it.

  4. When over 90% of the “honour” killings committed globally are done by Muslims, then you cannot ever call this an “isolated” or fringe incident.

    When Muslim men from all over the world are capable of this crime, no matter where they live, you must look at what binds them together and that is Islam. There can be no other explanation, since they speak Pakistani, Arabic, French, English, Egyptian, Lebanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, Pashti, German, Farsi, Spanish and whatever other languages they speak and they live all over the world under different cultures separated by thousands of miles.

    Islam promotes the idea of killing for the ideology, even if it is your own family that you kill.

    Islam is a psychopathic ideology that has no place in the modern world.

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