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18 Replies to “Sooner or later, some idiot was sure to watch Logan’s Run and think, ‘Hey that’s a great idea!’”

  1. As the working population of the west are no longer required for production we are now surplus to requirements. As industrial production has now been transferred to the far east.We also have the dignatas clinic to look forward too.

  2. I believe we danes did a crusade against lithuania and this is how they repay us with stupid ideas like this.

  3. I agree. I am not losing my weave or my life on his stupid roller coaster. If the crusade could have kocked out his anchesters we could have avoided listening to this clown.

  4. So Urbonas watched Logan’s Run and thought it was a great idea? What a soul-less sadistic monster!

    What a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being!


  5. Talk about carnival barkers . . .He should volunteer to demonstrate this contraption to convince his audience and then provide immediate free rides for enthusiasts.

  6. If the far left has its way all of the lower and middle class will be order to report to a death center on their 65th birthday.

  7. Why I debate people on Youtube I don’t know. But I have been debating with one of these people that believe we must kill off 90% of the population including himself.

    So many points i made the debate of the earth is being destroyed by over population started with the Odyssey by Homer in the 8th century BC

    Then he goes on to say mass extinction is due to man. What mass extinction frogs was his best example yet no know knows why the fungus has grown.

    Then we got into the ceder trees of Lebanon and i explained most of them were destroyed by the caliphate to fuel to Turkish war during WWI and now Islam has taken over Lebanon and the remaining trees will not last long. he is now ignoring me most likely things I am a racist.

  8. Henry, Perillus of Athens was that stupid and Phalaris, tyrant of Acragas, ‘rewarded’ him by making him the bronze bull’s first victim.

  9. Hey I always thought ceders and lebanon go hand in hand but thanks to islam cedars are in a process of leaving lebanon. Learn something new every day.

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