Muslims overtly threaten the president of France etc.

Notice how this channel has unlimited time on youtube. It is a Muslim proselytizing channel and threatens to destroy nations, and warns heads of state of imminent death at their hands, but it has an unlocked channel and can post long videos on youtube. Just saying is all.

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11 Replies to “Muslims overtly threaten the president of France etc.”

  1. The double standard of the left has a long reach, they make special rules for those who might react violently if they were treated like everyone else.

    The scary thing is that they believe their own propaganda, they really think they are destined to rule the world.

  2. How could one see things straight through a U-tube??
    One Chinese old saying: ???? meaning “viewing the sky from the bottom of a well !!

  3. The world needs a darkie alliance against the brown circumcised muzzies. Darkies unite! White multiculteralism and brown arab supremacism will kill us all!

  4. It does seem that the unity between the white mc crowd and the brown arab supremacists needs to be trashed. How to undo so much irrational brainwashing. The white pc crowd see the brown muzzie as the innocent savage lashing out and they see themselves as his understudy in destroying what they hate their own culture, which in their eyes is responsible for all the ills of the world. The brown muzzie sees this stupidity and uses it for his own ends. The leftists are actually the stupider of the two. Now is that not something! Who would have thought that anyone could be more stupid than the peadophile prophet worshipping desert tent savages also known as inbred mohammadans. The self hating leftie shows the way.

  5. Hey we love you too darkie alliance boy but we love the muslim the best because he shouts and rants and blows things up and is such a wonderful victim. Loving him is easy because he is so savage. The more savage he gets the nobler he is in our eyes. In any case maybe we do not love you dark alliance boy because you have been brainwashed by capitilist propaganda. We will be happy to place your dark self in the pecking order of our leftie love if you come to the Marxist institute in Frankfurt and get taught at our leftie school there.

  6. Who is at the top of our leftie love. The palastinian is the peak of our leftie love. Even if he rapes and kills our leftie women we send over there we keep that quiet.

  7. Ship them all back with one-way tickets.

    If they won’t obey the laws, then arrest them and do with them what they did to traitors during wartime: hang them all.

    We are at war with Islam and nothing any appeasing politicians say will ever make that fact go away at all. Muslims know that we are weakening and are taking advantage of that to make the dar-al-habr the dar-al-islam at whatever the costs.

    Time for a world-wide revolution against this disease that comes in the form of a religion. When the body needs to rid itself of viruses and other disease-causing agents, it knows what to do. Too bad our politicians don’t.

    Long live the west and freedom. May we prevail.

  8. When are western governments going to realise that this form of street lecture is not freedom of speech.You cannot advocate a totalitarian doctrine,that wants the destruction of the native population , as freedom of speech.It is treason against a culture,never mind a state.The sooner the police are allowed to get into these guys with their yardsticks and give them a doin,the sooner the better.Then we can send them back to pakistan to live with their relatives,in the mire they are used to living in.We need to do this before far right neanderthals start getting more power and start tarring everyone of colour with the same brush,because that is what will happen.

  9. You Are correct Richard, The lackeys and lapdog, apologist,feckless,no balls politicians must be voted out of office. Their pandering and groveling to the Islamofascists only emboldens them. How low could even a liberal politician stoop and prostitute themselves for a few cheap votes? I find it sickening that the elected officials screw the very folks they have sworn to protect and serve, no instead they sell out and abandon them.

  10. I blame the people who started making fun of the idea of honor, back when the politicians had to at least pay lip service to being honorable they didn’t do as many stupid things.

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