Muslims demonstrate on the street to insist that Jesus was a Muslim.

I have to admit, the stunning ability of Muslims to defy all forms of reason, logic, facts and history and replace it with magical thinking and sophistry and back it up with threats of violence is quite literally breathtaking.

This is from a channel called ‘London Dawah‘ which is proselytizing. But doesn’t it feel more like incitement to you than an attempt to convert?


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18 Replies to “Muslims demonstrate on the street to insist that Jesus was a Muslim.”

  1. Every attempt by Muslims to convert should be seen in its proper political dimensions.
    It does undermine the British nation.
    It should be grounds for stripping citizenship and deporting the offenders straight to Saudi.

  2. I think the dawa attempts are pretty lame. I am not going to convinced and most people are not going to be either. It is fishing for the jailbirds and women in such of an exotic partner.

  3. eib:

    But what if, and when, the Saudis won’t take them? What if when the deportations start, and start they will if the general public ever realizes that their very history is on the brink of destruction, what if none of the nations that sent us all these fine people will take them back?

    Game out that scenario. because I can’t figure out any solution for the current situation that is gonna go well.

  4. I guess it will take a civil war. I can see the muzzies are ready but are we? Can we start mobilising our self defence committees. We are good at foreign wars. We can lay waste once prosperous nations of brown circumcised men such as iraq or now libya. We can defeat the brown man frothing at the mouth with his jihad and his black tent women easily, but now the dogs are here, what to do. One solution is of course Eastern Europe. Many poles, czechs etcx are here and they are boosting european values and religion in the UK to a massive degree. People we need to bomb the circumcised brown man in his tent with his black tented wives and bring more people into the country that respect the values and traditions of the Noble Kuffar. This will shorten the brown circumcised man’s islamic penis. Once entirely removed Allah will need to find another one when he gets to heaven. This penis will not be circumcised as the Islamic penis in heaven is white and uncircumcised and eternally erect. He will then have his new penis to do with as he pleases as Allah watches the orgy of his followers locked into sex like the dogs they are. And he, Allah, will watch forever as they repeated have sex with women who keep revirginating after each sexual encounter. Allah loves an orgy and his dogs and bitches in heaven give it to him and give it to him forever.

  5. I think it is a culteral problem. People already see the brown muzzies as dogs and that is a good thing. No one wants to be dog unless you are some women desperate for a partner even a arab wannabe muzzie or you are some negro jailbird who believes the white man is keeping him down. Islam only appeals to losers. Muzzies are seen to be terrorist dogs and so this is a move in the culture we have seen since the new jihad against the noble kuffar started. The culture changes and so the minds of people change and there is no going back despite the desperate attempts of the muzzies and their prostitue politicans. Now that the culture has changed and the new culture of seeing the muzzies as the dogs they are has occured we have a situation of despising losers. We love winners and muzzies are losers. No one wants to be like them. When I was younger and Japan was in its hey day of unleashing electronics and cars etc on to world markets a song came on the airwaves. I think I am turning Japanese was the title. People wanted to copy and be like the succesful and clever Japanese. Those days are gone but the Japanese are still respected as people to emulate. Who wants to copy some idiot suicide bomber or raving brown circumcised penis mullah. No one but the usual losers. Winner will always lead the way for the majority. The question is can the muzzie dogs and their prostitute politicians in the west turn the tide of this culteral change. The answer is no and that is why they are so keen to stamp on it every chance they get.

  6. The despising of the loser is something that is something in human nature that is difficult to eradicate. Hence the appeal to the ego of the modern prostitute politicans to get them to love the most failed people, the tent people of the desert. They can not even get their oil out without western technology. They lose every war they fight with isreal or anyone else for that matter. They can not even get Gadaffy out without western help. They are tent people. They know something about tents. They know how to live in them. Their women live in a a tent all the time and in a double tent when she is in her larger home tent. What will happen to these brown looking tent people once the oil runs out. They will start to starve. No money to buy food and they live in the desert. The buildings built for them by the Noble Kuffar will not be maintained and no more will be built. The desert and the tent and hunger. The nature of the tent people will take over and we will see them begging for food aid. Well meaning popstars may even hold concerts to raise money for the starving tent people of saudi arabia. The oil is running out very fast and then the failure of these people to develop any alterative economy will hit them. Building ski resorts in the desert and building ever more palaces is just stupid, but that is what stupid failures do. They have no idea about an economy without oil. The noble kuffar will have built their fantasy land ideas and then see them disappear as the oil runs out.

  7. Forget the Global Warming scam the left is trying to push on us, there is enough oil in North American for North America to uses for the next 400 to 500 years. If we in North America start drilling and refining our own oil Saudi will be bankrupt within 5 to 7 years. Start doing that and their global jihad will run out of money, if will continue but on a slower and nastier scale.

  8. The day will soon come when a Jew will have invented a substitute for Arab’s oil. The subtitute will be a mind-controlled moving force to start a car. But not for Muslims as their minds are forever closed !

  9. philipzhao during WWII the Germans used a substitute made from coal, it burned cleaner then the oil products but was about 10 times as expensive.

  10. Did you know mohamamad was hunchback jewish rabbi who fell out with his fellow jews and came up with this new religion based on his own insanity and a garbled version of judaism. Only joking. But lies are easy. Say a few when a muzzie says a few.

  11. Muslims are fed lies from day one. First and foremost is their creed that Mo the thug was the last prophet of their moon-god and that their moon-god is the only god. Second that his visions and hallucinations are the basis for their religion. Third, that it has to be the olny ideology left standing at the end of the day. Finally, that all non-Muslims are less than Muslims and can be lied to, cheated, stolen from, raped, debased and enslaved because of that “fact”.

    If you don’t believe that they can kill you or enslave you. Its as simple as that.

    Why do we even bother letting them into our countries?

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