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11 Replies to “CBN, as usual, does its excellent job exposing Islam in Europe. Here in Denmark”

  1. WTF are Danes going to do about the Alien Presence in their tiny country? Anything at all or are they just going to lie down and surrender like the Wimps that they seem to be?

    Where are the Real Men in Europe, the Proud Whites who will attack and repel the Moslem Maggots? Do they exist at all ?…

  2. I just realized that these Hate Crime laws that enforce “Multiculturalism” are one and the same being implemented in every country in order to create the cultural chaos needed to institute this “New World Order” thing. Hate Crime laws violate basic human rights of free speech, and are unjust. This is the agenda which is being carried out to destroy your society. Your leaders want this to cause riots and revolts so they can then install their totalitarian solutions. The only question is why don’t you remove those leaders who’ve betrayed your society? Why?

  3. I speak better english than you. What is with this methinks. We are not living in the middle ages mate.

  4. A couple of years ago there were reports that Danish Hells Angels were fighting back against the invaders. Gone a bit quiet now, it seems. Comes to something when Western Civilisation’s only hope is a criminal gang whose main interests seem to be bikes drugs and violence.

  5. Paris:

    I have heard a lot of romantic nonsense from a variety of people that somehow, bike gangs will save, or help save Western civilization from the current Islamic invasion. I find that unlikely. Bike gangs finance themselves through illegal drug sales which are provided for the most part by Hizb’allah and other Muslim terrorist groups and are far far more likely to fight to keep their lines of supply open than to stop them.

    Criminals and criminal organizations are just that. They have little to no interest in protecting civil society unless they are high enough up or individually smart enough to know there is no advantage to being a criminal unless you live in an area sufficiently free of crime that you can trust your banks and other institutions to look after your ill-gotten goods for you. Mexican criminal gangs are about to learn that. There is no point in being filthy rich if there is nothing to buy or do with the money and you have to spend more protecting your assets than obtaining them.

  6. One solution to the growing menace of Islam: ship them all back. And don’t forget to lock the door.

    Muslims were Nazis before Germany was a country. And yet the direct descendants of the heroes and freedom fighters of WWII willingly have them in their countries.

    Hitler would have been proud.

  7. The only reason the bike gangs would be fighting the Moslems is to prevent them taking over the drug trade in the gangs territory, I have been reading people say the big gangs are going to save civilization for a long time and don’t believe it.

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