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9 Replies to “Supporter of Terry jones speaks to media”

  1. Whoa! That woman is enough to deprogram even a lefty! Give her a soapbox and the whole world will come to its senses out of disgust.

    It turns out that the horrors of even something like 9-11 wasn’t enough to wake people up. I always thought that it would take something even more repulsive and terrifying, and it looks like we’ve discovered it!

  2. I agree the person spoke with such venom it is easy to see who is the intolerant bigot. When you give intolerant bigots like this woman a soapbox you will actually get a good result. You have the three scenarios then: the crazy leftist venom filled hate monger like this woman, the crazy circumcised brown man of Allah full of hate and violence towards the infidel in bed with this woman, and of course the outright terrorist who wants to go to bed in heaven. All wonderful examples of what people detest. The problem remains of course with the sly hucksters like politicians and their Imam Rauf types who peddle their wares with a bit more sophistication. They are really dangerous. The ignorant hate filled woman is on our side without her knowing it.

  3. Dallas a woman like this is worth her weight in gold to the counterjihad. She is to leftie bigotry what Anjem Choudary to hate filled Islam. We should get them on a show together and have them shout out someone which is just another way of telling people to shut up as stated by Klaven. In any case with a confrontation like this it is always good to keep one’s head and speak calmly and clearly and let the viewer make up his mind.

  4. You couldn’t pay for better advertising for the side of freedom, the haters of the world exposed themselves. And she is showing the way the left has overplayed the racism card. In a few more years it won’t work even if the person accused is a racist.

  5. I agree Richard the whole idea of playing the racism card is getting old. A person just has to stand his or her ground and behave with dignity and the screaming person is shown to be the child they really are. Except this is a tactic and the child is doing it deliberately to shut someone up. Still it comes across as childish and that is good pr for the counterjihad folks who always do so well in these encounters. It often looks as if he who shouts loudest wins but in actual fact people are repelled by loud aggressive people and prefer the quiet dignity of those who control themselves and do not give in to such intimidation. A danish proverb: The little dog barks loudest.

  6. A wise old negro like me knows that Islam is a white arab supremacist ideology. Islamonegro types like me have to become white to go to Allaha’s white arab surpremacist brothel in the sky. The brown muzzies try to hid this fact and tell people the translation should read bright not white! But you brown muzzies are not fooling a wise old negro like me. No sireeee. This negro is not deceived. This negro is not for hiring for your jihad. I know your Mo was a white guy who traded in slaves and called my people the ugliest people with raisin heads and pug noses. And you want me to accept this monster as my teacher! You brown muzzies are simply stupid if you think I will do that. Brown muzzies are the world’s number one racists. No one else even comes close.

  7. Ain’t buying brown muzzie. I will blend in with you islamodarkies and them bham! I will capture you and tattoo a picture of your prophet with a bomb in his turban on your ass! Get them to remove that at the Islamic hospital! They will remove you permanently from the scene!

  8. I somehow also doubt that the words, ‘white’ and ‘bright’ rhyme in Arabic as well as English. So it makes that excuse that little bit thinner.

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