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20 Replies to “At least one girl in Germany has figured out who the new Nazis actually are”

  1. The clip probably from an event, where a convert to Islam an another guy adressed about 1500 believers. The convert’s name is Pierre Vogel, a former prize boxer I think and I feel quite sorry for him. The second one was brought into the country by airplane, had to leave it within 3 days and was banned from returning for 1 year. That is actual progress, those imported islamists used to travel in and out as they wished. Sure they speak like fucking Hitler and we don’t need that any more; as the angry lady pointed out, why don’t they speak up?

  2. Notice the scum accusing her of “provocation”. Everything about his words and his physical behavior towards her is intended to intimidate. The words are intended to derail her and put her on the defencive and the physical intimidation is designed to frighten her without actually being assault. He is working for the event orgainizers.

    Its just like in a vid on youtube where a pack of muslim crotch spawn threaten a gay couple in (suprise) Michigan. As soon as the couple stand up to them the children screech “what did you say about black people? RACISTS! RACISTS!” even though the couple said nothing about black people but merely stood their ground. It’s something they are taught to do to further confuse and intimidate.

    Muggers will sometimes do this before they pull a gun on someone. Its purpose is to confuse the victim so they cannot think coherently or defend themselves.

    If a muzi ever tries to do this to you the best advice is to recognize that its an attempt to derail you and ignore it if there are cameras and/or you haven’t had proper physical defence training.

  3. The provocateur accusing her of provocation is an example of attempting to use a thought terminating cliche to stop all dialogue. Cult members are taught to use this when suddenly someone confronts them with the truth. Then the cowards send in their gorilla to use offensive body threats to try and intimidate the one speaking the truth so as to silence her. It really is pathetic but yes, you can see the Nazi parallel. Hopefully more people will stand against these monsters as well as their enablers within their own governments.

  4. Calling a leftie a nazi is great. I have reminded a leftie of the Socialism in National Socialism and why I am so scared of socialism what with Hitler being one of the most prominent leaders of socialism. It shocked him so much he was speechless! This wonderful woman is doing it another way and so good luck to her. Now that is two ways to shut up a leftie.

  5. Agree with that Islamobrownman but will add that England does have women like this. She is called Melanie Phillips.

  6. Bravery is always to be admired. Tactics of the muzzies and the left are well known. Keep quiet and dignified and if called upon to talk then talk rationally about the different ways to shut people up. One is locking them up and the the other is by calling them names and making them defensive. Both tactics that need to be addressed. Another way is of course to call them racist, and nazi :”Who is the nazi here i think it is you jew hating scum!”I have not seen this happen but this woman was using logic and so implied that. Btw Islamicbrownman stop agreein with yourself!

  7. Mussie tried to back her down but it looked like he was facing a beatdown if he tried anything more. This is what is necessary, threaten them with violence by turning the tables on these cretins.

  8. A great woman. She is no ordinary woman. In the UK we do have Melanie Phillips but we could do with more grassroots strong type women like that. Melanie is great but she is a member of the intelligentsia.

  9. To deal with muzzies and lefties one needs to remain steady, sober, dignified, and full of conviction. Holding ones head high one goes through the drunks of islam and socialism intoxicated with their insane utopias that have failed wherever they have been tried.

  10. Many people will not believe that mohammad used to steal underwear. This woman needs to keep an eye on her underwear on the clothes line. Muslims may steal them.

  11. If she were that mad at me I would be staying quiet instead of arguing with her.

    She is brave and right in who the Nazi’s are, the world needs a lot more people like her, male and female.

  12. I’m sure the young lady had a sense of accomplishment when she went to bed that night. Several years ago I did something vaguely similar — I shouted down some lefties sitting near me who were attempting to disrupt a meeting, a speaker they disagreed with, at U.C.Davis. I didn’t expect to do it, but it just happened. I bellowed SHUT UP! twice right at them, and they shut up. They then moved to another part of the audience and started it again, and I bellowed SHUT UP! I CAME TO HEAR HIM, NOT YOU! spitting the words out as nastily as I could. At that point, there was a storm of SHUT UPs from the audience, and the intolerant bullies went away. I feel asleep that night with a smile on my face.

  13. Right at the end of the video, it is possible to discern a couple of German guys moving in on the Muslim intimidator – he moves away from the girl he was threatening and moves back.

  14. The guy in the cap and light shirt who dared to put finnies on her, would have manhandled her badly if there were no cops there. His touching her is simple assault. What nerve!

  15. Sooner or later we will have to address the issue of Islam in the West – the sooner the better, and then deport all of them, or there is no future for a free world.

  16. Good for her! We are seeing played out, over and over again, the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. The Islamists are attacking us in plain sight and we just stand there oblivious. God bless that woman for taking the chance of being called a “racist” and sounding the alarm. She has it dead right; those guys are Adolph Hitler all over again.

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