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3 Replies to “I remember thinking this way once too…”

  1. Calling a leftie a nazi is great. I have reminded a leftie of the Socialism in National Socialism and why I am so scared of socialism what with Hitler being one of the most prominent leaders of socialism. It shocked him so much he was speechless! This wonderful woman is doing it another way and so good luck to her. Now that is two ways to shut up a leftie.

  2. Allah’s negro I think this woman in the picture is doing nothing to shut up anyone. She is a slave of allah. I think you mean the german women in another video.

  3. Wake up Allah’s negro. No wonder my brown brothers from arabia captured you, enslaved you, circumcised you and converted you and got you to cry for the palastinians while the whole of africa groans under poverty and suffering and real genocide, not the pretend type. Touch a palastinian’s hair and the whole world knows about it. Obama, the Arabs, The EU, The US, The UN send aid to put his hair back in place. Millions die in Rwanda Darfur, and the Congo and it is an afterthought. Noone cares but you care about the palastinians who are a lot fatter than your people in somalia or darfur and other places.

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