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7 Replies to “Muslims in Denmark become a little less subtle. Police continue to persecute elderly native Danes for being rude.”

  1. Does the islamonegro think he will get some respect for his love of arabs. A negro that loves arabs. They sell fools like you. How about being a negro that loves the negro. There is no more hate filled creature than the islamonegro. He hates himself so much. He loves arabs and tells people that the white man is keeping him down. His own islamoidiocy is keeping him hate filled and ignorant. It is a case of pity for such stupid creature who loves a white prophet who married a six year old gir, kept negro slaves and called them ugly pug nosed raisin heads! He loves a peadophile slave owning white racist! Way to go Phillips you Islamonegroidiot. By contrast to this fool I know and respect a gentleman from the great land of Ghana who is negro and loves the negro. A great guy and one that this fool should do well to emulate, oh I forgot he is too busy emulating his white peodophile slave owning prophet.

  2. Well Bilal Philips is a muslim.

    What he wants is islam, nothing else.

    His morals and values are islamic, not buddhist or christian, so what do the danes expect?

    Islam is legal in Denmark.

  3. I wish I had been able to see the video, without seeing it I have only the other comments to go by and from them the Danish Government is acting like good little dhimmis (sp?) and are getting the ethnic Danes mad at them.

  4. Why has this phillips character not sporting his afro. Is he ashamed or something. Covering up the nappy head. what a fuzzy haired muzzie!

  5. The afro is great. Sometimes you see it in movies and It always makes my day when soemone has one. In the town where I live a very handsome young man sports it and is the fine lad he is for doing so. A black man who is not doing what some arab tells him to do and is full of love for all people is a great mass reality. Pity Phillips is not one of them. He is just your typical islamoidiot. When they islamoidiots are united they are a force for stupidity the world has rarely seen the likes of.

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