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4 Replies to “Older Dutch man nearly beaten to death on train in Rotterdam. Part I of III”

  1. This horrific crime made the news. How many of these assaults and repulsive acts of violence are not reported or covered up by the police on orders given by the timid, feckless, PC politicians.

  2. You know, when wolves become too aggressive to the other members of the pack, they are either put in their place or ousted from the pack to fend for themselves.

    Too bad we let the Muslim bullies stay to continue their aggression and weaken “the pack”.

    Just saying.

    I hope that the Dutch have had enough of this masochistic behaviour and send all the Muslims back to countries where sharia law is already in place. If they love sharia law so much, send them back, even their families.

    With no chance for a return ticket.

    I also hope that the man has relatives who will do something about this other than complain to the police, who seem to be equally intimidated by Muslims around the world to do anything.

    Had this happened in Nazi Germany by a Nazi, the man’s relatives and friends would have eventually done something, I assure you. The Dutch resistance was pretty good at making things look like “accidents”…

  3. When you disarm the honest citizens and spend generations teaching them not to defend themselves you get incidents like this. Yes this is the tip of the iceberg, there probably have been many of these attacks that weren’t reported on, and there will be many more before the next couple of decades are over.

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