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One Reply to “A thought on the BBC documentary, ‘My Brother the Islamist’”

  1. It must be very sad if family member falls for islam, then almost nothing can be done about it, nevertheless it remains a failure; not of the person that is lured into islam but of his surroundings, his family and friends. The same goes for other social misbehaviours as thievery and sexual misconduct as rape or child abuse. If a person gets sick in his mind, then it must be obvious that his entourage has failed. A healthy society tries to keep people on track, speak to them when they tend towards islam, when they no longer are able to see the lies and the trickery of islam.

    In the free world the number one place to get converted into islam is in jail. There are people the most vulnerable. When the real friends and family have to leave a person behind, then the islamists will try to convert a person, then somebody is the most likely to believe the lies of islam. It’s easy, because the lies are packed in beautiful words.

    The problem is that it is so hard to see, when somebody a developing a mental illness like islam or pedophilia. Often it starts only on a small scale, often they try to disguise it. But all people must be aware of the dangers of islam, once a normal person turns into a zombie it is very hard to get some reality back into him, debunking cleverly composed lies is very hard, because those lies were made for that reason, to trick people and to keep them believing lies.

    Therefor it must be prevented that people fall for the lies of islam in the fist place. All little lies must be exposed immediately, that is the only way to prevent people to convert to islam.

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