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8 Replies to “BBC: My Brother the Islamist”

  1. As the left attacks Christianity and drives people away from it they open the door for Islam and other faiths to fill the void.

    I notice that the film maker is shying away from the stating that all Moslems are easily converted to fundamentalist Islam, they are the ones who are following the orders of Mohammad and the real radicals are the ones who are trying to fit in.

  2. All this for the feeling of being an ingroup that feels itself to be right. But are they are not the filthy ones? Are they not the filthy muslims who eat vast quantities of inhumanley killed animals and put these dead animals down their throats. How many of those animals had shit and pus etc inside them as they were killed for Allah. How much of that shit is mixed in with the meat they consume. Halal meat is just evil murder. And then in Heaven they have sex all day. Perhaps they do not really know the meaning of filthy.

  3. Even with this type of evidence clearly in their faces, western leaders still insist that Islam is a religion.

    Its as if they can’t believe that people would take this crap seriously. Yet they do and will kill to make their point that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

    Where is some sanity in all this?

  4. RRWest for the most part the Western leaders are rationalists, and while they may state they are religious are really athiests. They cynically use religion for their own ends are refuse to believe that anyone takes their religion seriously, for this reason they will call Islam a religion and a religion of peace while refusing to accept that it is a political ideology that wants to control all aspects of your life. One reason the left gets along with the Moslems so well is that the left also wants to control all aspects of your life.

    Look at the laws in the US that are designed to protect us from ourselves, the Seat Belt laws, the laws saying that bannisters and railings must be around porches. And don’t forget the Global Warming scam, the latest front on that fight is the idea that automatic ice makers in refrigerators are using too much power.

    Both the left and Islam want to bring about a world like 1984, it is just that the Islamists want it to be more technologically primitive then the left does. The left wants continued scientific advancement but they (the left) are suppose to be the only ones to benefit from these advancements since they are the only ones who (in their opinion) use the new advances responsibly.

  5. The left are pretty much luddites as well. They banned DDT, they want to ban pretty much everything else that is good like nuclear power and even a whole element, chlorine as well as GM foods without which, 1/3 of the worlds people would starve to death. The left is pretty much just like Islam in the worst ways and that includes a love of primitiveness.

  6. Thank you Eeyore I had forgotten the luddite section, but as I said they do want advancement in science and technology, but they are suppose to be the only ones to benefit from the advances. They want the net but the left is suppose to be the only ones on it, they want all of the comforts of modern living for themselves but the rest of us are suppose to live in primitive housing and not have any comforts.

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