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7 Replies to “34 years for murdering his daughter for failing to act like property”

  1. 34 years is a good sentence for 2nd degree murder, I just wish they could have proven 1st degree and gotten a death penalty.

  2. I agree, but either they were afraid to go for 1st degree or thought they couldn’t get a conviction on first degree. However my friends in law enforcement say that he will have a very interesting time in the pen since men who murder women are almost as popular as rapist and child molesters.

  3. 34 years for 2nd degree is OK but in reality, if proven 1st degree then life in orison, no parole, or the death sentence, carried out within 30 days and screw the endless appeals that we now allow. This mussie pig RAN OVER his daughter and this is why we still have a death penalty.

    He will get what he deserves in the slammer, every bit and inch of what he deserves. Of course as a mussie male maybe he will like some of this treatment, in the short term.

  4. I agree with you patriot, and he may learn to like the treatment he is going to receive, I would like to think that his life is a living hell in punishment for his crime.

  5. Let’s see, now.

    He believes that his daughter was “too westernized” due to his Muslim beliefs which told him that it is OK to kill women for rejecting Islam. He has held this belief for decades at the least and took it upon himself to kill her.

    Sounds like premeditation to me.

    He should “set an example” for all other killers and get the ultimate punishment, since he gave the same to his daughter.

    It would be nice if all judges would pass such harsh sentences for all Muslim acts of cowardice and bigotry. It might send a message that they are no longer living in sharia-ruled countries.

  6. I agree with you RRWest but you have to remember that prosecutors are politicians and will follow the current political trends in their prosecutions. Since the left has made the Moslems a protected minority prosecutors will refuse to file any charges that will reflect badly on the protected minorities religion.

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