More from Brazilian media: Murderer linked to islamist groups

Thanks very much to Julio Lins for sending me this article and his translation of it from Portuguese.

Murderer linked to Islamist groups

Correio da Manhã

A scrapbook found at Wellington Menezes de Oliveira´s home, who on last Thursday has murdered 12 students in a school at Realengo neighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro, points to his belonging or has links to a radical Islamist group.

In the manuscripts, Wellington revealed he belong to an extremist group, said he passed at least 4 hours a day reading the Koran, the sacred book for Muslims, displayed fascination by terrorist acts and quotes two foreigners, Abdul and Phillip, representatives of the organization in Rio. “When I was introduced to them I revealed everything, I was very accepted by them and I felt there was a great delight”, wrote Wellington, who, in another passage, shows the intention of visiting Islamic countries, like Egypt and Malaysia. Wellington´s body, who had commited suicide when caught by the police during the killing spree at school, remains at Rio´s mortuary and could be buried by the State if anyone requests it. The five adopted brothers are scared about the possibility of being lynched if they show up publicly and don´t want to attend the funeral.

For the same reason, the neighbours of the house where the shooter lived are very scared, because strangers have been vandalizing the residence and properties nearby.

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