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5 Replies to “Israeli Vice Prime Minister On the Muslim Brotherhood – “They Mean Bussiness!””

  1. Off cause we messed up again. A democrati-movement was used to, with the help from western countries, bring down the islamists worst enemys. The dictators who promised us oil and stability for remaining power. Now the road is open for the caliphat. Why on earth didn’t our “clever and well-informed” politicians, analycists and journalists see this comming? Because it never happened before? OMG!

    We really have cornered ourselfs when it comes to islam. Sooner or later we’ll know all about it, but we wound be able to do anything. They really must be laughing at our ignorance. Shame on us!

  2. Peter it is almost impossible to over estimate the arrogance of the left, they believe their own propaganda about being the smartest people in the world and thus keep repeating the same mistakes because they think they are so special they can do what no one else could.

    Harold assassination of the top Hamas people would do nothing to stop the attacks on Israel, despite what fiction says assassination has a limited value and effect. The Mossad has been taking out terrorist leaders for decades and they haven’t managed to stop the terror attacks yet.

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