Obama appologises for Koran burning, and is burned himself in effigy in Afghanistan

Here is an interesting couple of clips. At least Obama took a stand on the issue, albeit a soft one.

Meanwhile, this just in from STRATFOR:

Afghanistan: More Than 100 Dead In Kandahar Riots
April 3, 2011
More than 100 people have died in the fifth district of Kandahar, Afghanistan, where police are reportedly firing automatic weapons into a crowd of rioters trying to storm a U.N. building, witnesses said April 3, RIA Novosti reported. A source within the Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed the death toll. Police said Taliban militants have joined the protesters, who began rioting after a U.S. pastor publicly burned a Quran.

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One Reply to “Obama appologises for Koran burning, and is burned himself in effigy in Afghanistan”

  1. How do we know for sure that the moslem madmen are killing and beheading because of the koran burning…. because the MSM tells us ? Why did it take the madmen almost a month to go on a rampage if it is is to do with the koran burning?

    Could it be that NATO and MSM are trying to push the blame for the mayhem on the Florida pastor and the real reason for the madmen being more mad than usual is because of the NATO incursion in Libya. Why would koran buring outrage also have effigies of Obama being burned?
    Never believe anything the MSM tells you, especially if all of them are mouthing the same phrases…. that’s a clear indication they are following some ulterior directive.

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