New trends in antisemitism

Obama calls Pastor Jones burning of the Koran “An act of extreme bigotry and intolerance” yet says nothing about this common view on state TV in many Muslim nations. Nations like Egypt where the US pays 100% of the cost of the military.

New Trends in Arabic Anti-semitism from Henrik Clausen on Vimeo.

WW2 was about leftists committing a genocide of the Jews with Muslim help. WW 4, which has been going on for years now, will be about another attempted genocide of the Jews but by Muslims with Leftist help. Don’t believe me? Ask any Norwegian university student what the prevailing view is at school. Or frankly in any other university in the Western world today.

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  1. Why doesn’t the media connect the dots staring them in the face in the White House?

    Earth to mass media…you can see the reaction is nil over riots and killing by Muslims over the burning of a mere book. You can hear the President of the United States of America calling an act of freedom of expression which harms nothing but some paper and act of “bigotry”, which for normal people is merely a sign of protest.

    Here are some more dots for you to connect:

    You can see the directives from the DHS and other agencies to remove all references to Islam and jihad from what are most certainly terrorist acts in the name of Islam. The TSA is not allowed to do what is called “racial” profiling of people who are either Muslim or look “Muslim” at airports. CAIR and other organizations that call for the overthrow of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are allowed free reign to tie up courts with bogus cases and undermine civil rights. You can see supporters of Hamas dining with officials at the White House. The current administration remains silent about the madrassa schools which preach bigotry and hatred towards non-Muslims, violating free speech requirements that such hatred is not tolerated. The current administration has reversed over 60 years of pro-Israel policies by condemning them for defending themselves against rockets flying in from Gaza and terrorist bombers tunneling under their borders. The White House has been silent about those states which are attempting to pass anti-sharia laws to protect the common laws of the land. You can hear prominent officials in Washington calling for sharia-style financial rules for Muslims, which would most likely leave everyone else paying for their interest on loans and credit cards. You can see photo ops of this CiC bowing his head and kissing the hand of the “King” of Saudi Arabia, something which former Presidents have never done.

    Yet you can still claim that he is not Muslim?

    Connect the dots, people. There are massive problems in the White House when these things happen, and the mainstream media will not admit it. Nor will the supporters of this regime change admit it either, which really amounts to an ‘Islamic revolution from within’.

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