PLEASE stop all public funding to the CBC

Really there is no excuse for public funds going to an organization who treats it is as their personal mission to shape public political opinion as opposed to informing and worse, to do so with the cheapest of deceptions. Kudos to the excellent site, Blazing Cat Fur for exposing yet another CBC cheap-trick.

I say we take the total employee roster of the CBC and sell them to Hugo Chavez. The equipment should be given to bloggers like Blazing Cat fur and Five Feet of Fury.

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5 Replies to “PLEASE stop all public funding to the CBC”

  1. Just took the test, actually reading the questions and answering as I felt. I’m no liberal, my mark came in below-right of the CON icon (Conservative Party, I think.)

    Blindly clicking straight through to one side, or the other, wouldn’t consistently represent a cogent response in this poll.

  2. I am against any government funding of a news organization, I think all government funding for all news organizations should be stopped.

  3. I stopped watching the CBC regularly when they pulled Tommy Hunter off the air, around 30 years ago. And when Adrienne Clarkson was appointed the Governor General of Canada, I realized then how firmly entrenched the CBC was in with the Liberals, or at least Ottawa.

    And I really don’t think their programming has improved any during the last 45 years or so (yes, I am really that old).

    Time to pull the plug on this dinosaur and let it to die in peace, or not…

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